My substitute teachers are one direction

Morgan is a not so normal girl who has a bad life in and out of school until her school wins a contest that changes her life


7. chapter 6


Harry pov

I turned the car around and parked in front of her house. I was about to knock on her door but then I heard a crash. what the hell?!?

I opened the door and saw morgan covered in blood with her dad over her.

~present time

I was in shock how could he do that to his daughter. A beautiful, girl.

"Who the hell are you pretty boy?" Morgans dad said getting up from the top of morgan.

"Harry morgan friend." I said proudly.

"That bitch has no friends. she is just a wast of space!" he yelled.

He clenched his fist and throw a punch at me. I caught it.

I stared to punch him in the face he was on the ground past out. "Harry?" morgan yelled. we'll she tried to yell but she was to week.

I picked her up bridle style and ran to my car. I put her in the passengers seat.

"Harry! Harry it hurts!" she was crying. oh my poor baby. "honey stay awake morgan stay awake." I said crying. She fell asleep.

I carried her inside "boy help!" I screamed. I gently set morgan down on the coach.

"Oh my god" the all said zyan was crying.

"Niall get the first ad kit hurry!" liam said.

Morgans pov

I woke up in so much pain I couldn't move.

"Boys she's awake!" A voice said. "zyan?" I asked "yes love I'm here zyans is here" zyan was rubbing my back

"Zyanie what time is it?" "3 in the morning" he said

All the boys came down

"Morgy bear" Louie screamed hugging me.

"Hi guys" I saw Harry and all the memories came back. he saved my life! 'thank you' i mouthed to him.

"Ok you will tell us all about this in the morning but for now you need to go to sleep. who would you like to share a bed with?" liam said all daddy dirctionie.

"Uhhhh Harry" I said. zyan looked sad. "um zyan could you carrie me to Harry's room please?" I asked "of corse" he said

"Thank you zyan."I kissed his cheek "love ya." He said "what" I asked

"I love you as a friend." he said.

"Wow I love ya to I have never had a friend let a lone anyone say that thank you!" I said still in sock.

He left.

I walked or should I say limped into Harry's room.he was on the bed.

"Hey Harry do you have any cloths I could borrow ?" I asked. "anything for you babe" he gave me a rolling stone tshirt and a pair of boxers.

"Thanks.....i have a question for you.....but it's a little awkward." i said embarrassed.

He nodded his head. "it hurts to lift my arms up could you help me get my shirt of" I said again embarrassed. "defiantly" he said.

Luckily I was wearing a pretty black lace bra and matching patties.

He took my shirt of facing me with a smirk. I blushed. My stomach we covered in bruises and scared from my dad.

I am a little well a lot insecure about my stomach.

"Ok turn around now please." I said. "ok if you insisted" he said then sighed.

I took of my jeans and bent down to get the cloths Harry gave me. I turned around to see Harry staring at me with a smirk

"Harry your such a perv!" we both blushed. "well let's go to bed" Harry said. we later on opposite sides of the bed.


I was on my coach watching my favorite show pretty little liars. then my dad came in he was drunk.

He pointed a gun at my forehead "I'm going to end you this time" my dad said.

~end of dream

"Morgan morgan wake up" Harry said shaking me. "I'm here Morgan no one will hurt you. I'll protect you" he said. he was so calming.

"Harry can you hold me" I asked he pulled me into his chest. He didn't have a shirt on.

I was crying into his chest I was so scared but then he started to sing

"I know you've never loved

The sound of your voice on tape

You never want to know how much you weigh

You still have to squeeze into your jeans

But, you're perfect to me...

I won't let these little things

Slip out of my mouth

But, if it's true, it's you, it's you

They add up to, I'm in love with you

And all these little things" he sang perfect by then I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up in Harry's arms. i tried not to wake he but I failed

"Good morning beautiful!" he said in a sexy noting voice. "morning! can we go down stairs?" I asked.

All the boys were on the coach. "ello morgan and Harry" Louie said "ello mate" I tried to be British but they all stared at me "was it that bad?"

"Yes but keep trying." zyan said winking.

"Sit down we need to talk. boys on the floor morgan on the coach" liam said coldly.

"Morgan tell us what happened last night" liam said

"ok ill start from the begging. my mom and dad got divorced 2 years ago. My dad blames me-I started to tear up- my mom has cancer she got it giving birth to me. she has been in and out of the hospital scenes. he has hit me and calls me.... thing. and that is what happened last night until Harry saved me." I said now I was balling my eyes out.

"Oh morgan I'm so sorry come here" nial said with open arms. he was hugging me. "um nial your hugs are as good as everyone says.

"Oh thanks" he said with a smile. "um Morgan this is a random question but when is your birthday?" nial asked "September 29th it a 2 weeks away" I said "oh boy you know what that means....... party" Louie screamed.

"Um guys can I ask you guys for a favor?" I asked

"Yes anything" liam said. "ok it kinda big though." i said "morgan I said we will do anything for you" liam said

"Ok I have a friend, well my only friend Mia. her birthday is tomorrow. I told Harry this. she loves you guys. do you think you could meet her of somthing? it would mean so much"

"Ya of corse well will do it" liam said " thank you thank you" I said jumping on him.

"Who is her favorite" zyan asked. "she said she loves you all but she said if she could date anyone it whorls be.... nial." I said "yes yes yes haha I. Your face" nial said laughing in everyone's face

"Ok how about if we give her a little concert just for her .. of corse you can be there to and then nial could kiss her cheek or something" liam said "perfect! how much do I need to pa-" I stared to say "nothing we won't let you pay it's our pleasure" Harry said.

"Ok I'll bring her here at 12 pm tomorrow" I said I gave them each a

hug. "ok I'm going to change and then go to her house" I said.

I changed and then walked down stairs.

"Hey morg can I drive you to your friend house" nial said

" Yes please" I gave him the address. hugged all the boys good bye and left.

~half way through the drive

"So. morgs where should I drop you off" nial asked." at the end of the street so Mia doesn't get suspicious"

~5 minuets later

"Ok well goodbye morgs see ya tomorrow" nial said

"Um nial can I have another hug" i started cry. "Morgs honey what's wrong" he said hugging me

" When.... my ....would hurt me .... I would run to Mia's house. it just reminded me of him." I said crying.

"It's ok morgs the boys and I are here now" he said.

"Nial I have a question for you" I said. he nodded his head.

"How am I going to get my cloths I can go back there again" I stared to cry again.

"Morgan I don't know your full name. will you move in with me and the boys. I know we haven't know you long please" nial begged. "yes and morgan Alexandra Morris.. that's my full name." (that's my real name but my last named different) I said.

"Ok I'll buy you a whole new set of cloths and leave you a bag on Mia's doorstep. it will have a dress and heels in it. you also need to text me your shoe size, shirt size, pant and bra size." He said.

"Nial you can't do all of that" I said. "Im rich I can afford and you should go babe" he said

"Thank you for everything" I gave him a hug and I kiss on the cheek.

I got out of the car and waved goodbye. And nial drove away.

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