My substitute teachers are one direction

Morgan is a not so normal girl who has a bad life in and out of school until her school wins a contest that changes her life


6. chapter 5

Morgans pov


I walked out of my school to see one direction waiting for me.


"Hey morg" zyan said "hey morgy porgie" Nial said "hi" liam said "hey morgy bear" Louie said "hey babe!" Harry said as zyan gave him a mean look. wonder what that was for.

"Hey guys what's up?" I said "ready to go?" Lou asked me "yep!" I popped the p.

We got in the van liam was driving with Lou next to him. then I was in the middle of Harry and zyan. award. nial was alone in the back with a bag of chips.

"Oh by the way I love the nicknames you guys have for me!"

"Whose do yu like the best?" zyan said with a puppy dog look.

they all were staring at me but liam. what did I do to him?

"" I mumbled. "go on now tell us." Harry demanded. he looked at me with a smirk.

"Ok, ok! ummn my favorite is....Liam's." I said "what. He didn't even give you one!" everyone else said but liam.

liam didn't even look at me.uhh what did I do to him????

"Well he was the only one not pressuring me." I said sassily.

"Oh we are sorry do you forgive us." louis said. "I do. omg that sounded like we are getting married." I said while humming 'here comes the bride'

~skips to the house

"We are here!" louis said. "thanks boo bear." I said. "Wait I thought you were not a fan?" Harry questioned.

"I'm not but I'm catching on!" I said proudly. I'm such a weirdo!

"Why are you not a fan? Are we not hot enough?" zyan said. "no trust me you are all handsome but I have never hear of you guys before sorry." I felt really bad saying that.

oh crap I just called them handsome.

"Thanks I know I am" zyan said.

We walked in the door and my mouth dropped. "o...m...gggggggg!!" I squeaked. "it's such a nice house!'' I said.

"Hey guys" I asked "ya" they all said. "can we play truth or dare? it's the best way to get to know people!" I said

"Yesssss that's my favorite game. but if you don't do it you gave to....Um" Louie stared."moon of flash a car." I interrupted. "wow I didn't think you were such a badass morgan." zyan said smirking.

"Ok I'll start morgan truth or dare?" Harry said.

"Truth" i said. "ok how old were you when you had your first snog?" Harry asked "umm what's a snog" i was so puzzled.

"A kiss" zyan said with a wink. Harry gave him a glare and then smilies a me and said "well!" " well I have never kissed anyone before. ya ya laugh it up I'm 18 and never had my first kiss or as you say snog." they all had a stair face but liam he just was glaring at me.

"Ok who is my next victim?" I pauses looking at the boys. "liam truth or dare?" I asked "truth" he mumbled. good I was hoping he would pick that. "ok liam why do you hate me and you can't lie" I said/asked.

" I don't hate you" he mumbled. "then why have you been ignoring me and be snappy at me." I said with a attitude.

"I don't hate you it just..... Me and my girlfriend are in a fight and you reminded me of her alright I'm sorry!" he said. "oh LILi it's fine come here." I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then he when to his spot on the floor.

"Ok I chose Morgan again but science you all ready did truth you can do. dare or two dares." he said rubbing his hands together with a devilish smilie.

"I'll take two dares! morgan never backs down from the dare." I said.

"Ok fury dare is you have to kiss us all. but there are two rules. rule 1: ypu have to kiss for at least 20 seconds and rule 2: you have to give tongue to one person. but surprise them." "ok any more rules I have to do" I asked "one more only if you want to you can give tongue to more than one person" he said agin with a devilish smilie.

" I like this dare" zyan Harry and Louis said at the same time. omg pervs.

"I'll go Niall liam louis zyan then Harry."

I went over to nial and whispered "remember this is my first kiss I'm sorry if it sucks!" but then he pulled me into him. are lips were moving together for like 30 seconds but then pulled a part. he puller me over to hime again and whispers "how was you first kiss" "amazing thanks nial! how did I do" i asked shyly "words can't describe how good it was." He whispered. I giggled

I kissed Lou and liam the same but when I got to zyan.

He pulled me on his lap (that his legs were criss crossed) to make my legs startle his torso. omg

Then we kissed for 20 seconds but I licked his lip letting his tongue in my mouth and same with mine. we did that for 10 more seconds but then I but his lip playfully and we moved apart

Then I went to Harry "mine better be better than zyans baby" then I fel fireworks as we kissed. I did the same thing to him as I did to zyan with my tongue but it lasted a minute but then I pulled away. wow I'm out of breath.

"So what is my second dare lyyyyyiiiiiiiiiaammmmmmmmm? " I dragged out his name "ok we have a in ground pool. I dare you to go to your bra and panties and jump in" he said that little jerk it's the middle of September "ok"

We walked out side I striped down to my bra and panties. they were a matching black lace set.

I was about to jump in but I felt two hands on my back pushing me in.

Louis pov

I push morgan in the pool it was a little mean ops.

Morgans pov

I went under water but then bumped my head on the wall and blacked out .

Harry's pov

Omg it's been a minute she isn't coming up. "zyan I don't think she ok" I jumped and and grabbed her. she blacked out. I handed her to the other boys.

Zyan was doing mouth to mouth. I was a little jealous but aslong as she is breathing I'm happy. zyan squeezed her nose and blow in her mouth. again and again.

Then she coughed up water

Louis pov

I almost killed her omg omg.

Morgans pov

I woke up to all the boys around me omg "who kissed me" I laughter but my head hurt "I gave you mouth to mouth sorry?" zyan said "thank you you saved my life!" I hugged him and kissed his cheek

"Ok I promise I'm not am but I need to go home now." I said "I'll drive you home Harry said.

"Love you guys see ya tomorrow" I waved bye to them.

Harry and I played 20 question all the way to my house. I kissed him on the cheek and waved good bye as he drove of

I walked in my house but I was hit the face "were the hell were." my day said. my face stung he punched me. "I was was with my friend" I studded. "you don't have friend you little slut. you are to fat and ugly to." He said kicking my stomach. he was right

Harry's pov

Wow that kiss with morgan was amazing. I pulled down her street to a stop sign and look down.

morgan had forgot her book bag. she so silly.

I turned the car around and parked in front of her house. I was about to knock on her door but then I heard a crash. what the hell?!?

I opened the door and saw morgan covered in blood with her dad over her.

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