My substitute teachers are one direction

Morgan is a not so normal girl who has a bad life in and out of school until her school wins a contest that changes her life


5. chapter 4

Morgans pov

After i changed in my pe clothes I walked out to see all the boys. zyan was in a white tank top and Jordan shorts and Harry was in a black tank top that showed of his tattoos and nike shorts.

they both looked hot

Omg did I just say that! but it's true!

"Hey morgan, do you know how do play softball?" Harry asked me. I hope we are playing it "well not to brag but I play travel softball and I'm pretty good!" I said shyly. "sweet we are playing it you can be on my team only if you wa-"he started "I would love to" I cut in

"cool what position do you play?" "Catcher because I love to bulldoze people!" I said "sweet" he was laughing so hard.

The teams were me Harry zyan and 6 other people and the other team was louis liam nial and 6other people.

~skips I half way through the game

I was up to bat

Harry's pov

Wow morgan is not 'pretty good' she is amazing. she bulldozed this one girl who was a total bitch. morgan said she 'didn't do it on purpose.' The girl freaked out it was so funny!


Morgan was up to bat so I screamed "get a hit for me babe!" she turned around blushing "I will try my hardest babe!" she winked.

Then the ball was pitched and all you hear was a crack! the ball when over the fence. dam!

Me and zyan ran to home plate as morgan ran to home plate. she jumped it my arms. It was great to see here smilie.

"You crushed that!" I said "I can't even hit it that far" zyan said.

I felt warm breath on my neck. "so am I your 'babe' now" she said. "only if you wanna be" I said with a cheeky smile "I love your dimples babe!" she said.


"Aren't they so sexy" I whispered. she blushed. "yes yes they are."

Zyan came over and said "So morgan do you want to hang out with me and the boys tonight?" "Uh yes! But why me there are so many prettier girls than me" she said but mumbled the end. "don't ever say that again" I said quietly.

"What are you going to do about it?" she asked "this" I stared to tickle her.

Then all the boys came over someone cleared there throat.

Meagan's pov

"I don't think we have properly met I'm morgan! but you can call me morg morgy or plain old morgan" I said waving.

"Well I'm louis and this is Niall and liam and you already know Harry and zyan!" Louis said "but you can call me Lou Louie or boo bear!" louis said. I looked at him confused. "oh your not a fan! its a nickname Harry gave Lou in his 'bro mance' " nial said.

"Well I'm not not a fan I just never knew about you guys sorry!" I said, I felt bad. "it fine love by the way we will meet you in the front of the school at the end of the day and you can come to our place!" Liam said

Sweet see you then" I said waving goodbye to all of them.

It was the end of the day and I went outside to see all of one direction waiting for me!

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