My substitute teachers are one direction

Morgan is a not so normal girl who has a bad life in and out of school until her school wins a contest that changes her life


4. chapter 3

Morgans pov

I woke up with my eyes still closed.uhh my head hurts! I felt like I was on some ones lap.what?

I open my eyes to see zyan what? "Shhh be care full!" he said "what happen why is my head hurting? why are we in the nurses office? wait why am I in you lap?" I said with a puzzled look when.

"Well....that ass jake and 'his' girls with him beat you up until I punched him in the face." he mumbled the end. "zyan thank you thank you so much no one has ever did that for me! probably because I have one friend." no you have me and the boys and and who ever you friend is and anyone else would be stupid no not be friends with a beautiful girl like you." He said. I started to cry." why are you crying, love? did I say something wrong?" he asked me.

"No not at all! I just never heard someone call me beautiful." I blurted out "Mia that's my friends name she is in love with you! she knows everything about you guys or should I say lads" I giggled

Zyans pov

Wow she has never had someone call her beautiful. what a dam sham! She I drop dead gorgeous and her giggle is so cute!

"Oh a fan, who is her favorite?" I asked. "Niall but even though I know nothing about you guys I have a different favorite!" she said.

I hope it me but I think Harry likes her and he always gets the girl. but not this time!

"Who, who" I said like a two year old. "well first your not an owl and second that's for me to know and you to find out!" dam it I wanna know.

"So what is the next class you have? it's almost 3rd period." I said "pe" she said yes I thought "I'm subing there next! shell we?"I held out my arm "why thank you sir." she said in a crazy accent. And we left for pe

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