My substitute teachers are one direction

Morgan is a not so normal girl who has a bad life in and out of school until her school wins a contest that changes her life


25. chapter 24

A/n there will be a lot of pov sorry

Louis pov

Today is my birthday. El my family and I are going out for dinner. I already had a party with Morgan and the boys. They have all sent me wishes on twitter. I love Morgans the best

@morgloveslouis:first tweet ya lol happy birthday boobear btw love what you made my name @Louis_Tomlinson love your morgy bear miss yu

(A/n that's my real twitter yu can follow me if ya want)

@Harry_Styles: happy birthday Lou miss ya like crazy hope it's amazing 22 @Louis_Tomlinson

@zaynmalik: happy birthday Lou @Louis_Tomlinson

@Real_Liam_Pyane: happy birthday Lou! Hope it's great @Louis_Tomlinson

@NiallOfficial: happy birthday boobear! Your 22 dam your old @Louis_Tomlinson

I twitted them back.

@Louis_Tomlinson:thanks everyone for the tweets especially @morgloveslouis @Harry_Styles @zaynmalik @Real_Liam_Pyane @NiallOfficial

We went to a fancy restaurant. El got me a new pair of red toms for my birthday and my mum got me a new watch.

Morgans pov

I woke up. I have my head on zayn chest and I'm snuggled into his side. "Wake up babe" I said. "Merry Christmas" he said kissing me forehead. "Do you know what I just realized" I said. "What" he said smiling. "It's our first Christmas together" I said. "But not the last" he said. He hugged me and kissed me. "Come let's go get some food" he said.

We walked out I got a cup of tea and a chocolate scone and zayn got a blueberry scone. We are siting in front of the fire place. The Christmas tree to the right of us. We are snuggled on the couch. We just got done finishing our food. So I got up. I grabbed zayns gifts. "Present time" I said. Zayn smiled like a little kid. "Ok open them top to bottom the get better with each one" I said pushing his 5 gifts to him. They are as tall as me. "Ok here is the first one" I said handing him a small box. He opened it and started laughing. "I never thought I would have boxers with me face on them" he said laughing. "Ok next one is heavy so I need your help" I said pointing to the medium box. He lifted it and was shocked how light it was. "This isnt heavy at all" he said "I know I was messing with you" I said. He opened it. It was filled with bubblewrap. Then he found I small box. He opened it. It was a Rolex watch. "Babe h-how did you afford this" he said shocked. "I saved up why do you not like it" I asked " I don't like it........I love it" he said "oh thank god now next one" I said . Handing him a normal sized box. He opened it. It was 5 cans of spray paint;black red purple gray and white. "Oh sweet i needed new ones thanks babe" he said hugging me. "Your welcome but for real this ones heavy" I said struggling to give him the big box. He unwrapped the box and on the box it said "Pittsburgh package". "Ok as you know I'm from Pittsburgh so here is a package from there that I made" I said "thanks really cool." He said. The first thing he pulled out was 'abduction' the movie with Taylor lautner. "It was filmed in Pittsburgh I'm in one part" I said "that's cool" he said. next he pulled out a five pound gummy bear "by my old house there was a shop that made these an I know you love gummy bears" I said "you know me so well" he said laughing. Next he pulled out 3 jerseys "they are my favorite player for each Pittsburgh team mark-Andrea flurry from the penguins Andrew mccutchen from the pirates and Ben roethlisberger from the steelers." I said "oh I love the pens" He said (a/n if you don't know the penguins nickname is the pens they are a hockey team the steelers are a American football team [not soccer] and the pirates are a baseball team) "ok there are too more things" I said. He pulled out a T-shirt. "Pittsburgh softball" he read on the front "Morris 29" he said. " I got my old jersey made for a guy aka you" I said. "Ok the next thing in there is small" I said. He pulled out a envelope. "This it" he asked "yeppppp" I said. He opened it and pulled out 7 tickets "7 tickets to kennywood park" he said "it's an amusement park in Pittsburgh it's so fun. I got tickets for when we are in Pittsburgh next year. I got one for the boys Mia you and I" I said "that will be so fun" he siad "ok this is my favorite gift for you but be carful" I said handing him a skinny object. It is as tall as me. He opened it and his jaw dropped. "It is a college of pictures since you been born but from far away it's a picture of the boys you and I" I said. "I I love it there are pictures of us the boys and I on stage and the video diaries and pictures of me as a kid. Morgan this is beautiful" he said lifting me up and hugging me. "I'm so happy you love it" I said

"Now your turn" zayn said. He walked over to the tree and got my gifts. "Some thing as yours open top to bottom." He said smiling. I got the top box. It was long and skinny. I opened it "you got me one direction bra and underwear" I said laughing. The next box he handed me was a perfect square. I opened it and it was a pollard camera. "Zayn you remembered thank you come here" I said smiling ear to ear. I took a picture of zayn and I. I was smiling and he was kissing my cheek. "Ok next one" he said. He handed me a skinny box. I opened it and it was a pair of white air Jordan's. "Oh my jizzles I got new jays I got new jays" I said jumping up and down. "Now I know what to get you" he said laughing."sorry I love my jays" I said. "Ok next one" he said. He handed me big box. I opened it and it was a coach purse. "Oh zayn I love it thank you for all my gifts" I said wrapping my hands around his neck. "There is one more" he said. He got down on his knee "Morgan I'm not going to ask you to marry me yet but Morgan Alexandra Morris I want to promise you I'll be here till I ask you to marry be." He said opening a tiny box that had a beautiful diamond ring. "Do you accept-" he started "yes yes I do" I said crying. He slipped the ring on my finger.

"Ok now let's get ready for you moms" I said. "After I get ready which will take 20 minutes I have to run to the store to get flowers for my mum" zayn said "ok" I said. I got a shower. I blow dried my hair then curled it. I put on a simple flower dress with a brown belt. I put on brown eyeshadow and mascara. I put in brown toms and I was done. I walked out and zayn was already gone. So I walked to the balcony. I sat down on the ground. I hugged my knees. I looked out at the beautiful city. It reminds me of my mom and how much I miss here. I felt a warm tear burn down my face. I sat there for five minutes lightly crying. Then I heard the door open "babe what's wrong" he asked. "Oh nothing.........." I said "tell me" he said "I just miss my mom" I said "I'll be fine ready to go" I asked. "Come here" he said and gave me a hug and we went to zayns moms house

Liam's pov

Today is Christmas. I am with my family.

Harry pov

I'm with my family. It's nice to see everyone especially mum and Gemma. But all I can think about is Morgan.uhh why!

Nialls pov

Mia and I have been great. I love her so much. Today we are spending the day with my family. My my loves Mia. I got Mia a giant teddy that says 'hug me'. She named him Niall the snuggle bear. I also got here a iPad so we can face time. She got me a 'kiss me I'm Irish' shirt and she said "I am the only one who can kiss you" then she got me a picture frame that says "boyfriend&girlfriend" and had a picture of us

Everyone's pov but Harry

Best Christmas ever

Harry pov

Worst Christmas

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