My substitute teachers are one direction

Morgan is a not so normal girl who has a bad life in and out of school until her school wins a contest that changes her life


24. chapter 23

Morgans pov

So it's been a mouth since Disney. Zayn and I have been great as ever. Today is the 23rd of December. All the boys are going home for the holidays. I'm going with zayn. I get to meet his mum last night we celebrated Lou's birthday. He is 22 years old. Our plane just landed in Bradford. Zayns mum dad and sisters are picking us up. We are in the terminal right now. I'm holding zayns hand. "Babe why are your nervous" zayn asked me. "I'm not" I said "ya you are" he said "how did you know" I said "you bit on your tongue" he said "wow I do do that" I said "why are you nervous" he asked he looked worried. "What if your family doesn't like me" I said."oh baby. They will love you" he said then kissed me.

We got there. We saw. Mum dad and sisters waiting for us. "Zayn" one of his sister screamed. "Go ahead" I said and he ran to them. "Mum I missed you." He said hugging her. I walked up to them. "Guys this is my girlfriend Morgan" he said "hi it so nice to meet you all I have heard so many things" I said "I hope they were good I'm Safaa zayns sister" she said and gave me a hug. Then his other sister and dad gave me a hug. When his mum gave me a hug she whispered "you different then the other girls zayn dated. You make him happy" I smilied "mrs Malik I really like him to" i said. "Please call me mum or Trisha" she said.

That night we eat diner at zayns moms and the went to his house. "So I'll give you a tour" he said. He showed me the bathroom kitchen bedroom living room and the spare bedroom. "ok this is my last room but my favorite one" he said. He oped the door. "It my graffiti room" he said. It was covered in gorgeous graffiti. "Wanna make one for each other" he asked "I'll try but I've never of done before" I said "how about we do one together then you can make one by yourself" he asked "id love that" i said.he half my arm grading me to make heart. Then he did heart outside of it. "Ok now you turn" he said "no peeking" I said. I took a a board that was spay painted black. I made a white skull with the stem of bright red roses in its mouth. "Ok I'm done are you" He asked "yep I'll give you mine first" I said. "Wow Morgan this is amazing but you have to sign it" he said and I signed it then he hung it up ok the wall. "Now mine" he said. His was a gorgeous blonde girl with a pretty pink flower in her hair. "It's you" he said. It does look like me "wow that's amazing I'm speechless"I said. "Why don't we have a movie night." He said. "Yes I'll get popcorn and you get the movies" I said.

Nialls pov.

I just landed in Ireland. I can't wait to see my family and Mia. I haven saw here in person in months. I walked in the air port I saw her. She was looking out the window so I pulled out my phone

Mia's pov

So I'm in Ireland today. I'm at the airport waiting for Niall I haven't saw him in months I've saw him on a computer but not in person. I can't wait to see him.

I'm looking out the window waiting for him. I felt my phone go off in my back pocket. I had a text from Niall


The back of your head is so gorgeous

What I turned around to see Niall standing twenty feet behind me. I ran and jumped on him. My legs are wrapped around his torso.then we kiss. We pulled away. "I missed you so much" I said and kissed him again. "I missed you to" he said and kissed me

We pulled up to his. "I'm nervous" I said "they will love you just like I do" he said and kissed my temple. The door opened. "Hi mum" he said "oh you must be Mia. I'm Maura." She said and gave me a hug "nice to meet you" i said. "Nice to see you to mom" Niall said. "Oh come er Niall" she said with her Irish ascent really showing.

I meet nialls dad brother sister in law and nephew. We ate dinner. Nialls sister in law went to feed the baby upstairs. I knocked on the door of what looks like nialls brother bedroom. "Can I help" I asked "yes please" she said "could you just rock him while I get his bottle" she asked "sure" I said and she handed me the baby. He started to cry."sh" I said and sang him a lullaby and he fell asleep. "Thank you so much I'll take him back" she said. I turned around to see Niall. "Wow you a good singer" Niall said. "Thanks" I said blushing. "You know you are really good with kids I can never get him to sleep that quick" he said "thanks" I said blushing more "let's go to bed" he said and we went to his room

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