My substitute teachers are one direction

Morgan is a not so normal girl who has a bad life in and out of school until her school wins a contest that changes her life


23. chapter 22

Morgans pov

So we just got off the plane. It was a 5 hour plane ride. Paul had someone drop our stuff off at our hotel. Now we are in the car going to Disney. I have never been to Disney. "Morgs how is you favorite princess" Lou asked me. "Princess tiger Lilly she so pretty I wish I looked like that"I said zayn looked at me like 'are you kidding me' look. "how is your favorite guy" Niall asked "woody" I said "my girl" Liam said turning around and giving me a high five. "How about couple not including us" zayn asked. "Peter Pan and Wendy" I said. "There just so romantic. The way he blushes at her and she got jealous of him and tiger Lilly" I said batting my eyes. "I love you to babe" zayn said kissing my nose. "What's you favorite animal character" Harry asked. " thumper simba piglet or Marie " I said. "Now each one of you give me you favorite princess guy couple and animal Liam you start" I said. "Cinderella woody woody and Jessie and nemo" Liam said "of corse now Niall" I said "belle Prince Charming fline and rupunzel and piglet" Niall said "Harry your turn" I "aurora she likes to sleep like me mogle from the jungle book. Arial and Eric and Bambi" Harry said "ok Louis" I said "Rupunzel she loopy life me and just free throwing the mad hater again like me Sherk and feonia cause there weird and donkey cause he likes to talk like me"Lou said "and last but not least zayn" I said kissing his cheek. "Jasmine because she loves Aladdin even thought he is poor and she is rich. Tarzan. Mines the same as Morgan Wendy and petter pan. And stitch or abo" zayn said. "We're here" Lou screamed.

"Ok here are the rules always use your fast-pass and stay with your parters and they are Niall and Liam Harry and Louis and zayn and Morgan" Paul said "oh and have fun" Paul added.

Zayn grabbed my hand intertwining our fingers. "What do you want to do first eat ride rides or meet charactors" zayn asked me "can we meet people" I asked "sure oh and I got you a surprise." He said "what is it" I said jumping up and down like a two year old "guess". He said. "Um a pony" I said "no it's a autograph book it has every characters picture and you can pick who you wants autograph" he said. Tears formed in my eyes "zayn I have never ever had someone like you in my life. It shocks me how much you actually love me. And I I I want to spend every moment with you forever. I love you zayn thank you." I said. He picked me up and spun me in circles. "I love you to" he said and put me down. "So who do you want to meet first" he asked "Peter Pan" I said in a British ascent "and Wendy" I said again in a British ascent."well let's go" he said.

We walked up to Wendy and Peter. I have to say peter is kinda cute but I love zayn. "C can I have a picture with you and Wendy" I said. "Surly oh Wendy come here and take a picture" Peter said Wendy just smilies and stud next to me and Peter did to. Zayn was taking the picture he said "3 2 1" and right before he took it peter kissed my cheek for the picture. I blushed and zayn looked mad. He came and intertwined our finger "can I have you autographs to" I asked. "Surely what's the name I shout make it out to" wendy said "Morgan" i said "pretty name should I put that down for mine to" peter asked "yes please" i said "can you please stop flirting with my girlfriend" zayn said "sorry just stating the facts" peter said. I stroked zayns chest that calms him "zayn baby calm down I love you not him" I said. He relaxed. They gave me back my book. Wendy autograph said

To Morgan

I hope you find your own peter some day but I think you already have him. Never grow up


And peters said

To Morgan

Never grow up


There was another note that said

To Morgan

Call me ***-***-****

Aston aka Peter Pan

I looked at the note and tore it up "I have a boyfriend" I said and pulled zayn away from there. We walked though for another hour.i got arial Eric jasmine Aladdin Micky and mini mouse Rupunzel flin woody Jesse tiger Lilly tinker bell Cinderella Prince Charming belle the beast Sherk Fiona Snow White the dwarfs Alice the mad hatter Robin Hood and Pocahontas.

We meet the boys for lunch at the big caste and Paul told us we had three more hours till we meet up for the fireworks. "Can we ride some rides" I asked "ya can we do the dinosaur one first please" zayn said "ya" i said. I didn't tell zayn but I have a fear of dinosaurs. Ya I know it pathetic but I am. We got to the ride and skipped to the front of the ride. The worker didn't look happy "how many" he asked. "Two" zayn said "front row" he said. Of corse just my luck. It was a boat ride thing. We got in the first row . The ride started. We went down a hill and a dinosaur came out of now were "ahh" I screamed. Zayn put his hand around my waist and pulled me into his hip. "Zayn I have to tell you the truth I'm deathly afraid of dinosaurs." I said hiding in his arm. He lifted me out and put me on his lap so I was straddling him. "Babe next time tell me these thing" he said and I put my face in his chest. He kissed the top of my head. Then I heard a roar witch made me scream. Zayn rubbed my back "sh it ok I'm here I won't let it get ya" he said and I smilied

We rode rides for the next two and a half hours. "Ok let's go we have to meet the boys at the castle" zayn said and I nodded. We got there and meet up with the boys. Within minutes the fireworks went off. I hear boom boom. Zayn pulled me into him. He gently kissed me but it turned into a full make out. It reminded me of our first date. We pulled away to watch the fireworks. "This reminds me of our first date" he whispered in my ear. "I was think the samething" I said. The fireworks were so beautiful. There we ones shaped like hearts Micky mouse ears castes crowns and many more. Today was perfect

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