My substitute teachers are one direction

Morgan is a not so normal girl who has a bad life in and out of school until her school wins a contest that changes her life


22. chapter 21

Morgans pov


I felt someone touch my shoulder. I turned around to see harry. I started to cry. What does he want


"Whhhat do you want" I asked. "Shhh Morgan I'm not going to hurt you" he said "what do you want" I said crying. "I'm sorry" he said. "Harry..." I started but started to breath heavy. "I I forgive you but I will not trust you until you earn it" I said "thank you" he said "can you leave me alone please" I said "ya" he said and left. I put my feet in the water. My hand in the sand. I felt so relaxed. Then I felt someone come up and sit next to me. It was Niall. We sat there in silence "Niall do you miss your family" i asked "everyday" he said. "Niall is it bad that I fell so alone" I said a and a tear ran down my face. He pulled me down so my had was on his lap. He played with my hair. "Morgan your not alone you. Have zayn the rest of the boys and me" he said "I know but I miss Mia" I said "me to" he said "Niall do you really like Mia" I asked "very much" he said "Mia she needs someone like you. She has had her heart Brocken many times. But I think your good for her" i said. "Thanks Morgan do you really like zayn" he said "he is my world. I don't know how I could survive with out him" I said "Morgan he really likes you to. I think you to were made for each other" he said "thanks nialler" I said. "We should go back" he said "ya we should" I said. We walked back "hey babe"zayn said picking me up and spun me in circles. He put me down "what was that for" I asked "I'm just happy" he said "why" I asked. "We're going to Disney world" Lou said and jumped on my back. He made me fall right on my face. "Ow Lou" I said "sorry morgy bear. "Ok we're ready to go" Liam said. "Ok let's go" zayn said and he helped me off the ground. "Hey Liam can I ask you something really quick" I asked "ya." He said

We walked about twenty feet so no one would hear. "Ok I can't tell you why but once we get to the hotel take Niall with you and bring back mcdonalds" I said "ok I'll do it" he said "thanks now let's go before the boys start to worry" I said. We got back to the car. Lou was driving with Liam next to him. In the middle row was Harry and Niall and zayn and I were in the back. I went to text Mia.


Put on a nice dress and get dolled up. Put candles around your room. Get McDonalds and I'll call you at 10:00 for a skype date with Niall


Omg I love ya I'll be ready

I showed zayn the text so he will know what's going on. He smiled. I put my head on his chest. He has his arm around my waist. "I love you" i said he kissed the top of my head. "Niall told me what you said and I thought the same thing" he said "I love you so freaking much" I said "I love you so freaking much to" he said. He played with my hair and I fell asleep "Morgan wake up we're at the hotel" zayn said waking me up. "Oh hey" I said a morning voice.

We went to nialls room we light candles all over and set up the video cam.

Mia's pov

I throw on a black dress with a lime green belt. I curled my hair. Put on a smock eye. Throw on my black heels. I walked out my door to go get McDonald's.once I got there I ordered a bacon chicken McWrap with fries and a coke. The worker keeps flirting with me. "So can I have your number" he asked "I have a boyfriend can I just have my food" I said. "Here babe" he said handing me my food. Once I got home I went to my room. I set up the camera and candles. It's 9:59 she should call any second. Twenty seconds later she called. "Ok her is coming in once I leave the room good luck" Morgan said and walked out the room. I fixed my hair and waited.

Morgan opened his door and pushed Niall in "what was that for uh" Niall said to himself. "Hey baby" I said waving "Mia" he said and ran to the screen. "Who did this" he asked "Morgan" I said "I have to repay her for this" he said "let's eat" I said "what did you get" he asked "bacon chicken McWrap with fries and a coke you" I said. "A 20 mcnugget a cheese burger a large fry and a coke" he said "only my Niall" I said

We talked for another two hours. "Babe shouldn't you go it's midnight and you have to be up at 6" I said "how did you know" he said. "Morgan" I said "she's a really good friend zayns lucky to have her" he said "ya well goodnight babe" I said "goodnight princesse I love you" he said "I love you to" I said. That was our first I love you. Then the call ended.

Niall pov

After I ended my call with Mia I ran to zayns and Morgans room. I saw Morgan. I ran and jumped on her and kissed her cheek "you the best friend ever" I said "did you have fun on you date" Morgan asked "it was amazing I told her I loved her" I said "that's awesome did she say she loved you back" Morgan asked "yes" I screamed.

I went to my room and packed it was 1:30 when I went to bed. Then I realized we are going to Disney world tomorrow.

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