My substitute teachers are one direction

Morgan is a not so normal girl who has a bad life in and out of school until her school wins a contest that changes her life


3. chapter 2

One direction told us to do the survey on music. I don't listen to a lot of music but I like to sing.

Jake and his so called 'baby dolls' were throwing things at me and say things like "you fat bitch go die" "your a wast of space" "your worthless go kill your self already" uhhh that kinda hurt.

I looked at the survey it said thing like "checkmark your favorite band/singers" and "do you like one direction" I don't know any of this uhh

Harry's pov

I saw girls all over me I hate when they do this! uhh just back of please!!!!

I saw one girl in the corner she looks like she is sad I saw this guy and the girls that were throwing them selves at me screaming at her. they were saying things that you should never say. how rude

I walked over to her "hello love, what's wrong" I said kindly.

"Many thing b-bbbu-but don't worry I'll be fine" she was lying. I took my hand under her chin and said.

"What's wrong love" I said it softly. "ummm i don't know any of the answers." she said crying even more.

"Oh, don't worry about it then! can you draw?" I asked feeling sorry for her.

"Yes" she said softly. "sweet! why don't you draw a picture for me instead? but I have one rule.".

"What's that?" she asked her crying was slowing down.

"You have to answer my question" I said. she nodded "why didn't you freak out when me and the lads came in? are you not a fan?" I asked.

"First that was two questions"she giggle "and I have never heard of you. wait I heard of you my one and only friend in this school loved you guys! Her favorite is nnn-" she paused

"Niall" we both laughter "ya him" she said "ohh what's wrong with this sexy beast right here" I said checking my self out without laughing. "well I have a different favorite....." She stared but the bell rang.

dam I hope it's me! she is cute what can I say

Morgans pov

I walked out of class to a hard hit to the face it sting so bad.

Zyans pov

I walked out of the room to see that girl that Harry was talking to I think her name was Megan no morgan that's what it was. morgan was on the floor with a slap mark on her face

Then I heard the girl that wouldn't stop flirting with us say "you ugly fat pig stay away from Harry" wow I started to walk over to her then morgan said "Iiii-Ii didn't kn-know I'm ss-sorry" she studded.

then a guy came up to morgan and started to kick her in the stomach and shoved her head into the wall and was about to slap her. but I ran up grabbed his wrist and punched him in the face.

"Morgan, morgan look at me. I'm zyan remember?" I said I lifted her up. "what are you doing" she said crying harder. "I'm taking you to the nurse" I said she started to close her eyes

"Morgan,morgan keep your eyes open baby please" I stated to run faster where is this bloody nurses office.

Wait did I call her baby. I don't have a girlfriend me and perry are over. I think I really like this girl!

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