My substitute teachers are one direction

Morgan is a not so normal girl who has a bad life in and out of school until her school wins a contest that changes her life


17. chapter 16

zayn pov

" liam she needs to get to the hospital now" I screamed. my love could be dying how could someone hurt her she is so beautiful. how could he do that to own daughter. I could kill that guy. every step I took she whimpered. "morgan I love you please don't leave me I need you. your the best thing that happened to me. I I don't know what I would do without you baby stay strong for me" I said.

then the ambulance came they told us "only one of you can go" "zayn you go we will meet you there" liam said. I just nodded. in the ambulance they were cleaning her cuts trying to stop the bleeding. "is it bad she isn't awake" I said "no she will be perfectly fine by sleeping" he said. I million pounds were lifted off my chest. thank god. we got to the hospital I went to go back with her but a nurse said "sir you cant go back there please wait in the waiting room" I just nodded. twenty minutes later the boys got here "were is she" "is she ok" they asked. "I I don't know" I said and started to cry. liam came and hugged me "she will be fine I promise" he said. "morgan morris" I nurse said. all five of us shot up in the air. "she is ok she should wake up any second. she has 3 broken ribs a concussion and has 5 stiches in her head but she is free to go after she wakes up" she said. "thank you" I said. we went to her room.

I grabbed he hand "morgan if you can hear me its zayn. I need you to wake up but please be carful please" I said tearing up. she looked horrible. she was all cut up and bruised but she still looked beautiful..

morgans pov

I hear someone say "morgan if you can hear me its zayn. I need you to wake up but please be carful please" aw my zayn said that. I tried to open my eyes. I tried 3 times but then they opened. "morgan I thought I lost you" zayn said kissing me softly. I kissed back. "morgy bear never scar me again" boo bear said or lou said. "im sorry" I said "morgs its ok don't be sorry we just love you your part of are family" niall said. "thanks but when can I leave" I asked "now" liam said. "ok" I said trying to get out. I started to cry it hurt so bad "shhh come her babe ill carry you" zayn said picking me up bridal style "zayn it it hurts" I said crying with my face in the crock of his neck. "shhh I know im so sorry babe I love you so much" he said "are you ready" he asked I nodded. we walked well zayn walked outside. there were lights everywhere. I just closed my eyes while zayn walked to the car.

when we got to the house zayn carried me inside. it brought back great memories. he put me down it hurt so bad. I tried to hide it but they all could tell. "im sorry" I said "morgan its not your fault for being in pain" niall said. "or should I say in pyane" liam said "no just no" I said giggling but it hurt.

"ok are you ready or do you wanna start planning tomorrow" liam asked "tomorrow please" I said.

"do you guys wanna watch a movie" I asked "sure do you wanna watch a chick flic" harry asked "I don't like chick flics" I said "oh" harry said "oh I know how about 'world war z' I love that movie" I said. "ok morgan and niall are in charge of food harry you get the movie zayn lou and I will get the food and brake" liam said. I went to walk but it hurt "here let me help you" niall said picking me up "thank you niall" I said "for what" he said "for everything being my best friend to carrying me. I think of you as a bother you know that right niall and I made 3 bags of popcorn. one for zayn and I. one for liam harry and lou and one for niall. while niall made them I couldn't decide on strawberries or chocolate. so I melted chocolate and dipped strawberries in it. they are so good. I made so for the boys to. we bought out coke and Pepsi to drink. I think coke is so better!

we got back to the living room and the boys put up sheets and mad it look like a fort. there was blankets on the floor. niall was caring me again "lade I got her from here" zayn said. niall put me in zayns arms "hey princess how are you fellen' " he said "my head felling great but my rids hurt like I was steeped on by a elephant riding a trex"I said he just chucked. "no lets get you comfy" he said. setting me under the huge fort. I snuggled into zayns chest.

halfway through the movie "don't jump don't jump" I said to myself this part always scars me. "nobody will get you with me here babe" zayn said I snuggled deeper into his chest. when that part came I jumped "I hate that part!" I said zayn just laughed. shortly after that I fell asleep.


im in the woods. I hear a crunch in the leaves. "whos there" I screamed. "who else would it be" he said and came out from behind a tree my dad uh. "this time im going to finish you" he said pushing me on the ground. he put the gun up to my head and bang

"morgan babe wake up its just a dream" someone said I opened my eyes it was zayn thank goodness. i put my face in the crook of his neck. "im scared zayn" i said. "shhh im here nobody will get you im here" he said with one hand holding my head and the other rubbing my back. he knows that calms me "zayn how did i get so lucky to have you as a boyfriend. you know how to make me smile when im sad or how to calm me when im scared. you sing to me when im sad . you know my favorite color is pink my favorite food in chinse take out my favorite smell is vanilla you know my favorite flower is pink roses and when ever i get ice cream i always get vanilla with chocolate sprinkles. you know i like coke over pepsi and ps3 over xbox. you are the absolute best thing that has happened to me i love you zayn and i always will" i said crying. "morgan no im the lucky one. when i saw you hurt it made me weak, i couldn't survive without you i love you more thank you'll ever now" je said whipping away my tears. he started to sing 'little things' he knows that song calms me and i fell asleep right there in his arms.

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