My substitute teachers are one direction

Morgan is a not so normal girl who has a bad life in and out of school until her school wins a contest that changes her life


16. chapter 15

morgans pov

that scary deep voice is so uh wait it cant be no it is. no it cant. it is me.......................................


"d d dad" I asked. "no its you mom of cores its me. you dumb bitch" he said "why" I said scared out of my mind. "I save you on tv with those boys and they will not be able to save you now" he said then put I cloth to my face. then black

I woke up. my body hurt mostly my head ribs and right arm .i felt something wet on the side of my head. I toughed it. it was warm. I looked at my sharking hands covered in blood. its blood im bleeding. that's why my head hurts. my thoughts were interrupted by a

creak from the door. I looked up to see my dad "about dam time you wake up" he said. he sounded drunk. I pulled away from the bed but my hands were tied to it. he walked towards me with a smirk. oh good please not again. don't do it please. and he did.

zayns pov

"liam im going in there its been 20 fucken minutes" I said. we were standing in front of the girls bathroom. I looked at liam he mouthed "go". I barred in there she wasn't here. oh god please don't tell me he has my baby girl.

I ran out of the bathroom crying "he he has here we have to go get her he has my baby" I screamed "who has her" lou asked "her dad" the boys looked shock "lets go" laim said. we ran to the car and lou was speed driving. I leaded my head on nialls shoulder "niall she told me what he did to her before." I said crying. he rubbed my back. " r r raped her" I said crying louder. everyone was shocked. lou started to drive faster. "zayn we are going to get her. we all love her she is part of the family now" harry said "thanks man" I said slowing down my crying

morgans pov

I need to get out of here now. but how I cant move it hurts to bad. after my dad he left im hungry but I cant eat there is no food no water. nothing. "why why me what did I do. im sorry im not perfect. zayn I love you I need you" I screamed. then I heard a

screech at the door. oh god not again. it hurts to bad.

I looked at the door looking for my so called 'dad'. but I didn't I saw five figures. five boys. my boys. "help zayn down here zayn harry niall Louis liam help" I screamed as loud as I could but it was a quite scream "niall call the police zayn you get morgan harry help him" Louis said. I saw zayns face crying "im so sorry baby I love you I love you" he said cutting my left arm louse and harry got my right. zayn picked me up. it hurt so eyes stared to close "come on babe fight it stay awake my strong morgan! stay awake please" zayn said then I opened my eyes "I love you z zayn" I said then shut my eyes

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