My substitute teachers are one direction

Morgan is a not so normal girl who has a bad life in and out of school until her school wins a contest that changes her life


14. chapter 13

morgans pov

so it been a week scene zayns and mine date uhh I still fell butterflies. we our still dating, but we haven told the boys we are going to tell them tonight. so tonight we are going out for my birthday. my birthday is the 29th but we are leaving tomorrow and I want mia to be here with me

so today im wearing a dress. it is a strapless white lace top and the bottom is a high wasted black skirt. im also wearing black heels. I have my hair curled. I normally never curl my hair.

I went to walk down stairs mia and all the boys are there "ready?" zayn asked me "im so ready" I said "well lets go we cant be late" liam said.

liam was driving and Louis was in the passengers seat. then in the middle row is me zayn and harry im in the middle. in the back was niall and mia. aww those to love birds. zayn and I are holding hands but we have them hidden. it sucks hiding us from them uh.

we pulled up to a beautiful building it was an Italian restaurant. I sat next to zayn and mia and next to mia was niall. a crossed from zayn was liam, a crossed from me was Louis and a crossed from mia was harry. the waiter came. "hi im chad ill be your waiter. what can I get you to drink" everyone said what they wanted I got coke my favorite. chad came back with our drinks he gave everyone their drinks but when he got to me he said "and for the hot lady" I looked at zayn he looked like he could kill him "thanks for the complement but if you don't stop flirting with me im going to have to ask for a new waiter" I said he looked shocked. then zayn rubbed my knee. he knows that calms me down. I he is such a perfect boyfriend.

after I finished eating I looked at mia she was done to. "mia can you come to the bathroom with me?" I asked her."ya lets go"

nialls pov

morgan and mia went to the bathroom. yes. lou and I ran over to the waiter. I tapped on his sholder "um chad its chad right" I asked he nodded his head. "well that girl you were flirting with her names morgan and its her birthday do you think you could sing and bring her dessert" I asked "ya I can do something like that"

morgans pov

we went back to the table and everyone was done eating. time to tell them. I sat down and looked at zayn "um guys can I tell you something" I asked "ya anything: harry said "ok well me and zayn are.......boyfriend and girlfriend" I said "ya congrads morg" mia said "ya" niall liam and lou said. "morgs im happy for you even though we didn't work out im glad you have zayn" harry said. I hugged him "thanks harry that means the world to me I thought you would hate me " I said "I could never hate you" harry said

then I hear "happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy to you happy birthday dear morgan happy birthday to you" 5 waiters sang and the boys and mia join in. they gave me a piece of chocolate cake with a candle in it. I blow it out and made a wish. "what did you wish for" lou asked me "I cant tell you it wont come true" I said I ate some of my cake sharing with everyone. then we left.

we got to the boys house. I unlooked the door and turned on the lights


about twenty people said. "omg you didn't" I said "we did" harry said "thank you" I said and hugged them all and I went to zayn. I kissed him. we pulled apart "come on I have to interduce you to some people that came her for you" he said. grabbing my hand intertwining our fingers.

we walked up to Louis and a girl. she came up and hugged me. "hi im Eleanor Louis girlfriend, but you can call me el it so nice to meet you morgan" el said "nice to meet you to" I said hugging back. "ok nice to see ya but we have to go see ya later" zayn said.

we went up two two boys one with blonde hair and one with red hair. "hey guys this is morgan" zayn said. they turned around. it was ed sheran."im ed" ed said he hugged me. I was in shock then I hugged back. "nice to meet you guys. im morgan but you already know that" I said. I grabbed zayns hand "we got to go see ya" zayn said we walked over to 4 girls. "hey" they said "hey guys this is my girlfriend morgan" zayn said. "hey nice to meet you" I said. "well we gotta go see ya later girls" zayn said

we walked into the living room. we saw el and she walked over to us "hey el" I said. "hey" then zayn kissed my cheek and said "ill be right back stay here with el ill be right back" "ill miss ya" I said he walked upstairs. "so morg how old are yu now?" el asked "19 how about you" I asked "21 oh look here come the boys" he said.

all the boys came down stairs "present time" Lou screamed. they pulled a chair up and told me to sit in it and they all gathered in front of me "how do you guy have thousands of people in front of you on stage without getting nervous and there is like 30 and im nervous" I asked "it takes practice babe" zayn said "ok me first" mia said "ok" I said she handed me a bag. it has two boxes in it. "open the bigger one first. it had a gold necklace with a locket on it "is this what I think it is" I asked mia "yep its your moms necklace. I have connections" mia said "aw thanks" I opened the little box it had a charm for a charm bracelet "its a charm that has sisters written on it" mia said "thanks mia I love it" I said

"im next " niall said. he pulled out a huge box " its heavy just take the lid off " niall said I lifted off the lid "a guitar" I said "it has your named engraved in it and there is something else in there" the guitar had engraved 'morgan morris' there was a box in there just like mias. I opened it it was a charm of a guitar "is a guitar charm" he said

"im next" harry said he handed me a box. I opened it it was a pair of white converses "thanks harry" I said "aren't you catching on there is another thing in there" harry said. another little box. I opened it it was a charm of a gun "its a charm of a gun from when you kicked my but playing cod" harry said "thanks harry" I said

"im next" Louis said he handed me a box. I opened it. it had I striped shirt and red skinny jeans "we could match one day" lou said "oh another little white box" I opened it. "its a bear because your my morgy bear" lou said "thanks boo bear" I said

"now me" liam said. he handed me all three toy story movies with a bow around them and a little white box. I opened it."its an apple to represent us being your teachers" liam said. "thanks liam.

"now its my turn" zayn said. he handed me a little box. "the box first" he said "mixing it up"I said opened it. "its a softball. from our first date" he said "thank you so much babe" I said "wait her is your real gift" he said. "ed let him go" he yelled what? I little brown dog came running with a box in its mouth "you got a dog" I yelled. I picked up the dog and tock the box out of its mouth. "its the bracelet for you charms" harry said "aw thanks guys I love him! what should I name him" I said "that's up to you babe" zayn said. hum. "oh I know coco" I said "I love it zayn said

~two hours later

"thank you all for coming" I said giving everyone a hug. "thank you guys for everything" I said "no problem" they all said "zayn can we go to bed" I asked "sure" he said

we walked into his bedroom "zayn thank you for evey thing" I said and kissed him. we pulled away "morgan I love you" zayn said

"I love you to" I said

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