My substitute teachers are one direction

Morgan is a not so normal girl who has a bad life in and out of school until her school wins a contest that changes her life


13. chapter 12

morgans pov

"morgan,morgan wake up" niall said

I opened my eyes "what niall wait how did I get in your room?" I said. "you have to get ready you date with zayn is in an hour and I carried you here so you could go sleep" he said. "ok im going to get ready."

I got in the shower. did my normal thing. then I got out. I had a towel around my body and my head. "ok what should I wear" I asked myself. "oh I know" I said to myself again. I grabbed a pair of jean shorts. They were tie-dyed dark blue and light blue. then I grabbed a bright pink tank top that had a lace back. I also grabbed my bright pink vans with black laces. they matched my shirt perfectly. I blow dried my hair so it was strait. then I did my makeup. I put on a light brown eye shadow and mascara. I looked at the clock and I had 10 minutes till I had to leave. so I walked to the living room. I saw all the boys minus zayn playing cod black ops (a/n it a video game)

"you guys have cod can I play" I asked. "you can play but you'll get your but kicked!" hay said "wanna bet 20 bucks that your wrong" I said "ya I do" he said.

he had 14 kills and 8 deaths. I had 21 kills and 1 death. "I will take my money later" I said all of them were looking at me "what do I have something on my face" I asked rubbing my face. "no its just your really good for a girl" harry said. I slapped his arm "you hit hard for a girl to" he said "no your just weak" I said then zayn walked down stairs ready to go babe" he asked "yeppers" I said

we walked to the car he opened my door "before you get in there I have to put this on you" he said holing out a blindfold. "ok" he put it on me then we both got in the car and started driving

~5 minutes later

"ok were are here ill come to you side of the car and help you get out" he said and came to my side of the car like he said. "ok hope on my back" he said "are you sure im really heavy?" I asked "no you aren't hope on" he said I got on his back "hold on tight" he said. I held him tighter. he was wearing a varsity jacket and black skinny jeans. he looked so cute.

we walked well he walked about twenty feet. "ok im putting you down ready" he asked "ready" I said he put me down. he stud behind me "ok im taking of the blindfold in 3 2 1" he said and took of the blindfold.

we were on a softball field. there was a blanket in the middle of the infield and there was a picnic basket, glove and a bat. I turned around hugged zayn "you remembered! this is the sweetest thing someone has ever did for me" I said. "anything for you now lets go sit down" he said. he grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers perfectly. we sat next to each other still holding hand. "so what do we have to eat?" I asked "Chinese takeout your favorite" he said "your the best" I said and kissed his cheek. and then we ate

after we ate "so are we going to play or what" he asked "can I hit first" I asked "what ever you want babe" he said. he through the ball at me and I hit it to the outfield. I started running to first base but when I was running to seconded. I started to whirl in circles and run at the same time. knowing my clumsiness I tripped over second base and landed on my back. zayn ran over to me and asked "you ok babe" I just laughed. I got up. "oh I have one more surprise for you come on" he said grabbing my hand. we lied on our backs on the blanket. once we lied down I shivered. "here take my jacket" zayn said and gave me his jacket. "what about you aren't you going to be cold" I said. "I have you" he said putting his arm around my waist and pulled me into his side. "ok look up" he said and then I heard a


fireworks were going off in the sky. "oh I like that one" I said putting to the pink one that looked like a heart. I turned my head to zayns . our lips were only inches apart. then he linded into me and we kissed I had firworks go off inside of me. we were kissing under fireworks it was so romantic. how could it get better. then we pulled a part.

"morgan scence I meet you I wanted to ask you this. when I saw that girl at school hurt you and I took you to the nurses office and when we had that concert. I will never forget those moments and I wantto have many more of them! morgan Alexandra morris will you be my girlfriend?" he asked "yes yes ill be your girlfriend!" I said. then we kissed again

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