My substitute teachers are one direction

Morgan is a not so normal girl who has a bad life in and out of school until her school wins a contest that changes her life


11. chapter 10

morgans pov


"I'm sorry harrys an ass. come here im here for ya morgan" the voice said I looked up to see..


Zayn? he was standing in the door way.

"Zayn can you hold me?" I asked wow were did that come from?

"Of corse come 'ere!" he said sitting on the bed now.

"Did it work" I asked. "did what work" he said "Harry making you gealous."

I said. "ya it really did" he said what he likes me.

"Wow! wanna watch a movie" I asked still crying wiping the tears away with my sleeve "ya what movie titanic notebook, or love actually?" he said "um do you like 'the borne identity' I'm not a big chick flic movie fan" I said.

"Ya isn't that a little bloody for you?" He said. "no I love shooting movies." I said.

"Sweet but please stop crying." he said. I didn't know I was crying.

~after movie

"Wow I can cross that off my bucket list" I said. "what did you do?" zayn asked me. "Watched a movie with I guy I like and snuggled with him" I admitted.

"You like me" he said "ya I do" I was blushing. "can I ask you a question but you promise not to get mad" I asked "ya anything" he said

"Ok when Harry and I went out me kissed. I had the best time of my life. it was my first date every for crying out loud. why did he do this to me why" I said crying.

He pulled me into his chest "morgan he is selfish. he shouldn't have done that but I have a idea" he said "wh wh what" I studded crying even more.

"How about I give you a real first date. morgan Alexandra Morris will you go out with me" he asked "yes yes I will" I said. I stopped crying now "ok we will leave at 7 ok?" he asked "can't wait I'm going to talk to Niall see ya latter" I said and kissed his cheek

Nialls pov

Ok so last night I texted Mia

To Mia<3

From nialler

Hey Mia um do you wanna go to the movies tonight?x

Right away I got a text back

To nialler

From Mia<3

Um like a date, yes!x

To Mia<3

From nialler

Yes like a date and pick you up in a hour!xx

I went to her house and texted her to tell her I was here. she walked out she was wearing a crop top pink sweater and light blue holy jeans. wow she looked great . we went to the movies and saw catching fire. we got a extra large popcorn and drink. we also got 5 boxes of candy.

~after the movie

I drove her home I walked her to the top of the steps. "Mia I had such a great time with you" I said "me to your really nice" she said.

I was lining into her. we were almost touching and then I kissed her. It was amazing wow just wow

We pulled away "bye Mia" I kissed her cheek. "bye Niall " she said waving and then I drove away.

I went home and went strait to my room. I count stop thinking about me until a knock on the door intruded my thoughts.

"Come in" I yelled.

Morgans pov

"Hey Niall I need to talk to you" I said "good I need to talk to you to" he said "you go first" I said to Niall

"Well I went on a date tonight with

Mia and after it was over we kissed. Morgan I really like her" he said "wow that's great but if you hurt her I'll hurt you." I said we both laughed

"So how did your date with harry" he asked

"Well that's what I need to talk to you about" I said holding back tears. "go on" Niall said

"Ok it was the best date ever. even though it was my first one.. when we got bak zayn and Louie started to yell at him and they told me 'Harry used me to get zayn jealous' and I asked Harry I it was true and he said 'yes'" I was balling my eyes out."then zayn calmed me down and we watched a movie he told me he likes me and I said I likes him back and he asked me to go on my real first date with I guy that actually likes me and I said yes. what do I do? I'm so horrible Niall I'm dissecting" I said and ran

I ran into the bathroom. I layer on the bathroom floor crying my eyes out "morgan it's Niall open the door" I didn't answer

"Moran please" he said "I can't I'm so stupid" I said. "Morgs morgs please" he bagged. "I can't" i said he walked away.

I just sat there crying.

I hear what sounded like all the boys running

"Morgan open this door right now" liam said

"Morgy bear open up please for boo bear"

"Morg babe open up" zayn said

"Morgan please for you Irish buddy" Niall said

"I'm sorry" Harry whispered

"Morgan baby if you don't open this door I'm going to break it down" zayn said.

"I can't I'm sorry I can't I'm not worth it my dad and jake were right I'm so stupid for hurting you guys" I whispered.

Then I heard a crash. the door busted open. zayn.

I closed my eyes I was picked up.

"Look what you did to her and just to get me jealous why Harry" zyan said then all I could see was black and I couldn't see anything.

Zayns pov

We called the ambulance. they said only one of us could ride with her so I went.

All I could think about is how can she think she stupid and worthless? is it her dads and jakes fault or Harry's or even my fault? morgan please be ok I didn't even get our date

We got to the hospital they pulled her in a room the lads and I had to wait in the waiting room.

We all were teared up I had my head on Liam's shoulder balling my eyes out.

"It's all my fault we didn't even get to go on our date tonight. Liam I'm so stupid" I said "it's not your fault" he said

~two hours later

"Morgan Morris?" a nurse said. all the boys and I stud up. "ok she had a panic attack. we want to keep her over night and see how she's doing she should wake up soon you may go see here." the muse said. we all wakes to the room

I sat on her hight holding her hand Niall was on her left holding her other hand in a friend way, while mine was in a lovey way. Louis sat next to me and Liam next to Niall and Harry uh was at her feet.

About ten minutes later Mia came nialls face lit up and Mia came and held his other hand wow when did that happen anyway...

Morgan I need you to wake up I really like you morgan baby please wake up

Louis' pov

Morgan I need you to wake up please right now. morgy bear please!!!

Niall's pov

I need morgan to wake up my best friend is laying in a hospital bed. I need her. at least Mia is here to comfort me!

Harry's pov

I'm so stupid it my fault she's in her. ok I have to admit it I like her a lot. I mean she beautiful nice funny and just amazing. morgan please wake up

Liam's pov

Morgan Alexandra Morris you need to wake up right now.

We have been in her room for an hour. it is so quite. then my phone rang "and I was like baby baby baby ohhh-" it sang. what I like Justin Beiber. it was simon (a/n for the conversation l means liam and s means Simon)

L. hello Simon

S.hello liam how is morgan?

L. not awake and she has to stay over night but she'll be fine

S. good now the reason I'm calling you will be going on a u.s. tour in two weeks the 28th

L. but but bye

L. buy simon

The 28th is the day before Morgans birthday.

Why do we have to do this tour uh.

Then Harry ran out of the room ad said

"She's awake"

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