Just A Ghost

Maria is just another ghost, an overly obsessed fan of Ghost Town. But her life is about to take an unexpected turn as she attends the Bryan Stars Tour.


3. 3

That dream had been bizarre. I went to a Ghost Town concert, tried to kill myself, and woke up with Alix, Manny, Evan, and Kevin in my hospital room. I need to stop drinking coke zero before I go to bed. I went to stretch but my arm was restricted. I didn't want to open my eyes. I had an IV in my left arm, that means I was at a hospital, which means that I had tried to kill myself but failed. I kept my eyes tightly closed. It must've been a dream though, at least the part where Ghost Town was in my hospital room. I rolled over and hit a stuffed animal. Manny's Pikachu! No, it couldn't be. I felt like I was going crazy as my mind worked on separating fantasy from reality. I had taken many pills I was probably hallucinating bad and whatever giant stuffed animal was beside me was placed by family or friends. Who am I kidding, I have no friends and my family hates me, it was probably placed by a nurse.

I kept my eyes sealed shut as I attempted to guess accurately the time. Sun shine on my eyelids, I assumed it was afternoon. I hadn't fallen asleep until daylight anyway, but then again that could've been a dream. I rolled over and hugged what I assume was Pikachu.

"She's up" a familiar voice spoke.

"No she just rolled over"

"Damn I wanted to talk to her."

"About what?"

"None of your business."

"You are so sleep deprived!"

"I was worried, I couldn't sleep"

"Well we have a show tonight so we better get going soon"

"Not without her"

"She's just a ghost. Just a girl. Kevin there's gonna be more at the next show"

I opened my eyes and propped myself up. Next to the door were Kevin and Bryan Stars. "You took quite a spill last night" Bryan laughed and Kevin elbowed his stomach.

"Good morning"

I sat dumbfounded. It hadn't been a dream. None of it had been a dream. Beside me was a large yellow Pikachu, standing in my hospital room were Kevin McCullough and Bryan Stars, I had passed out beside the stage, it had all been real.

"Are you okay Maria?" Kevin asked as he pushed past Bryan and over to me.

"Just, wait how do you know my name?" I held Pikachu as I pulled myself into a complete sitting position.

"You told us last night, when you were out of it"

"I don't remember that" I shrugged. "I'm fine, just confused"

"what's so confusing?" Bryan asked without looking up from his phone.

I pointed to both Bryan and Kevin. I looked around the room trying to see if Manny, Alix, or Evan were here. I saw no sign of them.

"Can we get a nurse in here?" Bryan shouted out into the hall.

"Why?" Kevin began to check my monitors. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing I just want her to get checked out so we can go!" He prolonged the word go as he tapped vigorously on the wall.

"Patience" Kevin told his as he began to brush my hair with his fingers.

"VIP starts in two hours! What am I supposed to do without the headlining band?" Bryan was clearly annoyed.

"I'm more worried about Maria"

"She's just a ghost! He shouted at Kevin. "No offense"

"I'm used to it" I mumbled.

"You shouldn't be" Kevin smiled at me. His hair was still a mess and he was still wearing his Creepy King tank top from the show. "Can I get you anything?"

"Something to drink would be nice thank you" as soon as I asked he had a plastic cup of water in his hands.

"Oh my God look at all the blood!" Bryan screamed then leaned against the wall with his arms crossed.

"What blood?" A nurse asked as she raced into the room.

"I don't know what you're talking about ma'am, but since you're here, can we check her out of the hospital now?"

"Are you her legal guardian?"


"Get her legal guardian here and then she can leave" the nurse shuffled away.

"You couldn't have lied?" Kevin growled at Bryan.

"I look like I'm her age! I can't pass for her father!" He turned to me. "Call a parent"

"They won't come" I sighed.

"What do you mean?"

"Does it matter?" Kevin snarled as he took out his phone. There was a long silence before he spoke. "Evan can you do us a favor?"

While we waited for Evan, Kevin and I were having thumb wars, and Bryan stood against the wall aggravated. His eye brows dug deep into his face as he stared at the wall. He pulled at his blue Aeropostale sweatshirt as he tapped his heel against the wall.

Evan walked in with the same nurse as before. "Maria!" He shouted as he ran up and hugged me. "I'm so glad you're okay! I was so worried"

"Everything checks out good Mr. Pearce." The nurse handed him papers. "Keep an eye on her, you're clothes are under the bed dear" she took out my IV then left as three boys stood staring at me.

"Can you go so if an get dressed?" Embarrassed they went to go stand in the hall. Slowly I crawled out of the bed and grabbed my folded up clothes. Black skinny jeans and a Ghost Town shirt. I felt like by wearing it I would make the guys uncomfortable, but it was all I had so I threw it on then walked into the hall.

"You ready?" Evan asked and I nodded.

"Good lets go" Bryan grabbed my hand and raced toward the elevator. My shoulder popped and I groaned in pain.

Kevin quickly and gently grabbed me from Bryan's grip. "You okay sweetie?" He knelt beside me. I nodded. "Good" he stood back up and picked me up. Kevin carried me like a princess to the elevator and refused to set me down. Once on the main floor he ran out screaming "she's alive!" Evan raced after him laughing as Bryan walked smugly to the bus.

"Come on guys let's go" Bryan shouted. "We don't have much time!"

"Lighten up" manny laughed from the couch. "Good to see you're okay Maria." He smiled as Kevin set me down.

"Dear Maria count me in!" Alix sang as we walked in, his face was shocked as he noticed me. "Hey Maria"

"Hey guys" I smiled as I sat beside Manny.

"Here" Evan threw me a bottle of pills. "Nurse gave me these for you, for depression help"

"Oh with us she won't be depressed" Manny hugged me tight as I hugged him back. "Will ya?"

"Probably not" I smiled and handed him his Pikachu back. "Thanks for letting me sleep with it"

"Not a problem" he rubbed the stuffed animals head. "He's worth a good cuddle"

We all became submerged in our own thing as the bus drove. Manny wouldn't look away from his phone, Kevin was eating, Evan slept, Alix sang quietly to himself, and Bryan and I sat in utter silence staring out the window.

"Isn't this illegal?" Bryan finally spoke.

"Is what illegal?" Evan yawned.

"This is kidnapping."

"No it's not!" Alix protested.

"But it is" Bryan groaned. "She's underage, her parents didn't approve, she was carried onto the bus, she's not ours"

"Stop, just stop," Manny hugged me tight. "She's ours now"

"No she isn't" Bryan argued. "Her parents could press charges"

"My parents not care" I mumbled. "They didn't care when Sophia ran away, they won't care if I do"

"Sophia?" Evan asked with a confused look on his face.

"I'd rather not talk about it" I mumbled. Sophia was my older sister. She was six years older than me and she had raised me most of my childhood. When she turned fourteen she had gotten big into drugs and her boyfriend had convinced her to run away. She left me alone. I had spent the rest of my life so far worrying about her, hoping she's okay, hoping she's alive, hoping she wasn't drugged up and sitting in some prison somewhere. My hugged Manny tighter as tears began to flow from my eyes. He held me back as the bus went silent. Once Sophia left my parents had barely even noticed, they didn't care, not one bit. I'd give anything to at least know that she was alive.

"Why don't you get some sleep" Kevin picked me up and carried me over to his bed. "Sleep tight" he kissed my forehead gently then slid the curtain shut. I laid in his bunk and stared at the ceiling.

The curtain slid open a crack as Pikachu was handed to me. "We will wake you up when we get there sweetie" Manny laughed.

"Thanks" I mumbled as I death gripped the stuffed animal and slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.

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