Just A Ghost

Maria is just another ghost, an overly obsessed fan of Ghost Town. But her life is about to take an unexpected turn as she attends the Bryan Stars Tour.


2. 2

My eyes opened to black darkness. Was this heaven or hell? I turned my extremely stiff neck to the side. It was neither. I felt the scratchy fabric of the hospital sheets as I pulled myself into a sitting position. My eyes began to adjust as I noticed the lights from the machines. The needles in my wrist began to itch and so I picked at them. The machine to my left mad a loud beep causing me to jump.

"She's up!" Mumbled a tired voice. "Kevin" Kevin?

I watched as a cell phone light lit up Manny and Kevin's face. My heart sped up as soon as I noticed them. I'm either dreaming, or I had in fact died. Ghost Town, here, with me. I picked at the needles again making the machine beep louder.

"Stop that" Kevin muttered seemingly half asleep. He rested his hand on my wrist. "That's keeping you healthy right now"

I couldn't do anything but stare up at him. His hair was an unkept mess and his eyes were bloodshot and dark. Overall he looked like the living dead. My eyes stayed fixed on him until I noticed Manny set something on the other side of my bed. Hesitantly I turned to see a giant Pikachu.

"It'll help you feel better" he smiled and slouched into the chair adjacent to the one Alix was asleep in. "I think he's drooling!" He laughed and pushed Alixs head to the opposite direction.

"Where's Evan?" I muttered. My throat was sore and my voice was scratchy and weak.

"Getting us food" Manny looked down at his phone. "Good luck finding food at three AM.

"I hope he brings us those little mozzarella sliders!" Kevin laughed and squeezed my hand. "You going to eat some?"

The thought of food made my stomach churn and I gagged. "I'll take that as a no" he laughed.

"Is she up?" Alix mumbled and pushed himself up from the chair. "You gave us quite a scare out there" he yawned and stood beside where Manny sat.

"I'm sorry" I looked down, embarrassed.

I hadn't thought about what a girl dying on stage would do to the boys. It hadn't occurred to me that they could just stop making music because of it, or worse. I had only thought of myself. Dying while happy. That's what I had wanted, not to hurt Kevin, Alix, Manny, and Evan.

"I'm just glad you're okay" Kevin reached over and hugged me. In return I wrapped my arms loosely around him, the IVs constricted me from being able to hold on tight. He pulled away and is wanted to cry. I grabbed Pikachu and held on to it tight.

"Why are you guys here?" I finally asked after minutes of silence.

"We were worried about you" Manny looked up from his phone. "We left the venue as soon as we could, we couldn't ditch the other fans, but as soon as it was finished we came over.

"And with that run in with the speaker earlier, you're hurt more than you feel."

"Look whose up" a cheerful female nurse stood in the doorway. "Mind if I come in?" She asked.

"Go right ahead" Kevin smiled and sat down in the chair directly beside the bed.

The nurse fiddled with the machines. "You have some good friends here." Her voice was high and pitchy. "Besides the food run all four have been by your side. They ran in sweaty and out of breath. Only about ten minutes after you were checked in."

"They wouldn't let us in at first" Evan spoke from the doorway as he handed bags of food to the boys. "Thought we were here to hurt you or something."

"It was a valid assumption" Kevin laughed as he stuffed his face and spoke with his mouth full. "We aren't the most normal looking people in the world."

"But I had a giant Pikachu. How can someone with a giant Pikachu be bad?" Manny pet the stuffed animal.

"Well maybe they thought we were on drugs then"

"Yes" Evan said as he offered me a bag. I shook my head in refusal. "Probably that"

"I suggest you get some sleep" the nurse told me. "You boys too, you all seem a little out of it" she left.

"They're letting you out tomorrow" Kevin crumped his wrapper and threw it into the trash. "You have a place to go?"

"No" I couldn't go home, not after the fight I had gotten into with my step dad. I felt the bruises on my leg. If I went home I'd get abused more. They specifically told me if I went to the concert I couldn't go home.

"You have to have a home" Evans voice was confused.

"I do, well I did" I sighed.

"Shunned?" Manny asked. "I know the feeling."

"Why don't we let her stay with us? Just until the tours over" Alix offered.

"Tours over in a few days" Manny reminded him.

"I know" Kevin noticed me picking at my wrist and grabbed it again. "A friend of mine back in California, she's a foster mother, you're how old?"


"She can take you in, you'd be close to us, we'd be friends."

I smiled at the thought of it. "I'd like that"

"Good" he smiled. "Now get some sleep" Kevin bender down and gently kissed my forehead.

The boys shut off their phones making the room dark again as we all settled in to sleep. I hugged Pikachu and rubbed my forehead. Kevin kissed me. I smiled as I closed my eyes and thought back to the concert. How he had kissed my hand there. Were they just being kind band members by coming here, or did Kevin have a thing for me? I remembered how Alix had helped me too, and the look he had in his eyes. And Manny giving me Pikachu, why would he part with it? I shrugged off the thoughts but worse ones came. What if this was a dream? What if when I wake up they won't be here? What if they leave me here? What if I have to go home? Tears fell down my face but were quickly wiped away. I opened my eyes slowly to see Kevin smiling back at me. "There's no need to cry" he whispered. "I will be here when you wake up" he held my hand. "I promise" he winked then tilted his head back.

My body kept me from sleeping. I would turn and move trying to get comfortable, I knew I was keeping Kevin awake but whenever I tried to let go of his hand, his grip would tighten. Once I got comfortable I watched the heart monitor move up and down slowly. I didn't fall asleep until the sun began peeking through the thin white curtains.

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