Truly Madly

Ariana's feeling after Niall betrayed her was distraught. She can't trust any one anymore.
But what happens when she finds that he's in a massive boy band and that he wants her back?
Will she forgive him or will she be destined to have a broken heart for ever.


5. the shadow

The warm water runs down my body and suddenly my breaths become shorter. What's happening, I start to shake uncontrollably and feel nauseous as I turn the taps off. Was it something I ate, I ask myself. No, I finally realize it's a panic attack when I sit down and examine my shaking thighs. Why am I so scared of having a shower. That's when I remember what happened this morning. No, tears start falling form my already blurry eyes. I hug myself with my arms and sit on the cold tiled floor shaking furiously. "NO!" I scream as I see Tyler running at me with a knife I scream as he squeezes me tightly. My breaths shorten and I gasp for air as he squeezes me even tighter. It feels like an anaconda squeeze, like a snake is strangling me and I'm holding on for my dear life. That's when I see Niall running into the bathroom quickly helping me up, and then the Tyler snake just vanishes in thin air. I frown in shock as the black mist floats away in thin air. I shake my head feeling it get lighter as Niall lifts me up and places me gently on the bed. He looks scared as he examines my facial expressions "NIALL TYLER HE HAD ME!" I scream jumpy looking sharply everywhere, He stroke the back of my hair "Ari? Tyler was no where, you were by yourself" he says calmly, I look over to the door to find the other boys staring tragically at me "Niall, he was strangling me with a knife, I SAW IT!" I scream scared, Tyler was there choking me, I FELT IT. "Ariana, there was no Tyler" He says scared, I tilt my head in confusion "He was there but he disappeared with the black shadow into the sky" I say pointing exactly where the Tyler snake had vanished to. He nods and walks over to the other boys. I wrap my hands closer around the towel and shake uncontrollably. they whisper in their little group and I see Niall nod as he walks over to me again. "Come on I'll help you get dressed we're going... out" he says gesturing towards the cupboard, I nod and let him lead me over to my clothes. I know, I feel so awkward letting him help me get dressed but I don't think I can even pick up my own top shaking this much.

He chooses out some clothes and my undies and bra for me as I relax on the bed. "Ariana?" I instantly shoot up, he holds out my undies and bra for me, I quickly snatch them from him and manage to slip my undies on but my bra's too hard. "Niall, I need help" I say holding out the bra shakily covering my breasts, he uncovers his eyes and tells me to turn around so he can attach the clips for me. It tickles as he fiddles with the clips for a while, I take a sharp breath in as he un twists the strap and steps away from me. I nod my head thanking him as he picks up my clothes. "I don't think I can..." I stutter he nods and walks closer to me placing the top over my head, it goes all black until my head comes through the neck hole. All I can see is his perfect blue eyes, my heart races as he leans closer, then slows down again when he only straightens up the collar. I breath out as I grab my pants and sit down to wiggle into them, but it doesn't work. He stands in front of me "DONT TOUCH ME!" I scream as I see not Niall standing there but Tyler again, I curl into a little ball as he leans over me and then I'm pulled back again by his Irish accent. "Ari, it's me Niall" he explains as he slips my pants on for me, I watch the black shadow slip into the cracks in the roof and point furiously. "LOOK THERE HE GOES!" I scream as Niall buttons up my pants he quickly looks at the roof confused "Ariana, it's okay nothings there" he explains hushing me, I frown. How can he not see that shadow in the roof. It's black as night and as thick as a brick. It oozes down form the ceiling daring to touch me but hesitating every time Niall touches me.  

"Only a few more minutes" Niall says to Zayn in the front seat who's looking at me scared. I've calmed down now and I'm not shaking anymore but the shadow I saw keeps running through my mind. Liam pulls into a parking and helps me out of the car. I read the words on the building, it reads "counselling 24/7" I rip Liam's hand from my wrist and feel a bubble of rage rise inside me "IM NOT CRAZY I DONT NEED COUNSELLING!" I scream as Niall heaves me over his shoulder "Yes you do" he says as we enter through the big doors of the building and he sits me down on the waiting chair. "Ariana Grande?" asks the doctor, when my name is called everyone suddenly stares at me shocked and starts crowding me "Can I have your signature?" a little girl asks, Niall pushes through them and drags me to the office room before I get over whelmed again.

"So, why don't you tell me what happened?" the doctor asks nodding, I frown "I don't have to tell you anything" I say crossing my arms, he nods "That's correct but if you want me to help you need to at least ell me the trigger of your attack" he says wheeling over to his computer ready to type down what happened. "Well, it all started when...

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