Truly Madly

Ariana's feeling after Niall betrayed her was distraught. She can't trust any one anymore.
But what happens when she finds that he's in a massive boy band and that he wants her back?
Will she forgive him or will she be destined to have a broken heart for ever.


6. rest

"So the doctor said you need rest" Niall says laying me down in my bed. I shake my head and attempt to stand up "I feel fine" Niall pushes me back down gently "You're not fine" he says frowning. He takes a look at the script the doctor wrote for me "and you need someone to supervise you while you sleep and..." He pauses and double takes the receipt "what is it?" I get frustrated and snatch the paper off of him. It reads "Needs supervision whilst taking a shower" I jerk my head back in disgust "No" I shout chucking the receipt on the ground Suddenly I feel uncomfortable and irritated. I don't want any of the boys seeing me naked while I take a shower. Maybe the doctor thought Niall was my... Boyfriend. "I'm sorry but, doctors orders" he says reaching for my hand. I instantly jerk it back and sigh in frustration. My eyes soon flutter shut but the last thing I see is Nialls disappointed blue eyes.

Nialls pov:

I've been trying to get her attention ever since I first saw her on the red carpet. Don't you see? making her, her favourite dinner, coming to help her with Tyler, taking her to the doctors. I care about her and I guess you could say... I still love her... I glance over to find Louis leaning against the door frame and smile sadly. "This is all to hard for me" I say shaking my head as I stare down at her, she's so beautiful when she sleeps. "what's hard?" He asks walking over to us, I shrug "Everything, her ignoring me and just her being here in general" I pout "I still have strong feelings for her" I say raising my eyebrows "Niall, she's not ready to let you in yet" he places his arm on my back "She'll be fine at the end of the week man" he says before leaving us alone.

Arianas pov:

Why can't he be mine again, he's so gorgeous the way he stares at me. He grabs my hand "Ariana, can we go back to the way it was?" he asks kissing up my hand, I blush "Niall you hurt m-" he cuts me off "I only did that to save you the heart break you'd have in the future" he says shaking his head in depression "Please come back to me" he says, something grabs his foot and he starts dragging away form me. I startle and scream "NO NIALL!" I try running after him but something has my back, I turn around to see the one thing I've fear. The black shadow that curled into the ceiling, the one that disappeared out the window, it had a hold of me. There was no way I could get out of it's grasp, it had me. I sat there as I watched Niall drift further and further away from me. "DONT GO!" I scream.

waking up I find Niall eyes wide open beside me. I gasp for air as he comforts me brushes his fingers through my hair. I feel guilt rise inside of me, was he really trying to save me all this time? and I'd been a real bitch to him when he just wanted me to be safe? "I'm sorry, did I wake you" I say barely holding my eyelids open, he shakes his head. "No, you've been screaming and rustling in your sleep" he says landing a kiss on my sweaty for head, I smile. Although I did have a putrid hate for him, that dream made me realize the real rock in this "What was I saying?" I ask feeling the prickle of his hair as he continued playing with mine. He frowns "You were screaming... my name" he says biting his lip. I feel a rush of embarrassment take over me. "I'm sorry...I was uh...just...uh" he hushes me, but not with words. With his lips. I feel frustrated that he kissed me but I can't help myself kiss him back. After all these years, that's all I've ever craved. His lips on mine. "I still love you" he says into the kiss. I frown in disappointment in myself "I think I do to" I say releasing from the kiss. He embraces me and places his head next to my ear "Are we cool?" he whispers sending shivers down my spine. I shrug "Maybe" I squeal as he pulls me in for another kiss.  

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