Truly Madly

Ariana's feeling after Niall betrayed her was distraught. She can't trust any one anymore.
But what happens when she finds that he's in a massive boy band and that he wants her back?
Will she forgive him or will she be destined to have a broken heart for ever.


10. pan cakes

~~It had been one day since I made up with Niall. One day. He hadn’t talked to me after the Harry incident and this morning I woke up lying on the bed alone. I found him lying on the couch down stairs and figured I’d just let him sleep while I went on the computer. I click into Facebook and found 10 missed messages from Alexa. I instantly opened the message bank and noticed all her messages were from when they got stuck in traffic.
Alexa: I’m stuck in traffic I won’t be back until tonight
Alexa: HELP
Alexa: Why is your brother so weird?!
Alexa: Oops, looks like we’ll be here for a week
Alexa: Have fun xx
Alexa: Hope everything’s going great we’ll be back soon xo
Alexa: How was your day Ari?
Alexa: Is Niall being nice? Ahaha
Alexa: Heyyyyyyy xxx
Alexa: We’re so sorry xx love you lots xx
I roll my eyes and close the tab. I sigh escapes my mouth as I stare at Niall peacefully asleep on the couch. The only problem is Harry and I weren’t flirting last night… he over reacted, big time. My stomach growls disturbing my rage of irritation upon Niall and I hop up to go make some pancakes feeling the anger fold to the back of my mind.
Nialls pov:
I’m woken up by the sweet smell of pancakes. It wafts in through the kitchen as I lazily sit up scratching my head wondering who’s cooking something so delicious at this time in the morning. And that’s when I see her with a frying pan flipping the biggest pancakes I’d ever seen over onto a plate. Every once and a while licking the spoon covered with batter. I try not to watch her as I continue looking out the window but soon growing extremely bored and I wonder over to her. She is still dancing around and licking that spoon, she is driving me completely insane. “Good morning” she sang prancing towards the stove. I grabbed her by the waist
“Vigorous this morning are we?” I ask feeling the smirk approach my face “Vigorous?” she giggles apparently entertained by the word. “Dancing around, I see what you’re doing” I say raising my eyebrows in utter interest. She frowns in confusion as she twirls around grabbing some batter and sizzling it in the pan. “What do you mean, Niall?” she asks leaning over the pan. I bit my lip in frustration and pulled her away from the pan, grabbing her waist and pulling her closer to me. “You know exactly what I mean” I say hovering my lips over her. She giggles as I plant a kiss on her neck. I can feel the goose bumps rise on her soft skin. But before I can get any further she spins out of my grasp twirling back towards the pan flipping the pancake over. I sigh in frustration as Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn walk into the room. “Pan cakes for everybody!” She sings. She looks up for a moment and caught me staring at her. My expression must’ve given it away because her cheeks seemed to fade into a peachy colour.
Ariana’s pov:
I could see Niall out of the corner of my eye with his devilish smirk waiting for the boys to leave. I couldn’t but help laugh to myself at his peculiar behaviour. The boys looked from Niall back to me expecting something to happen but just experiencing pan cake cooking and Nialls odd actions. They nod and smirk as they all file out of the room one after another. I pick up the plate of piled pan cakes and wait for the boys to filter out until I catch Nialls gesture telling me to wait. I place down the plate and wait for his muscular arms the wrap around me like they always do. Surprising me he grabs my waist and gently pushes me against the kitchen wall. Staring eagerly into my eyes. It makes me giggle because he’s been much attached this morning and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. He moves closer if that was even possible and flips my hair away from my ear to nuzzle his head in. I feel his hot breath on my neck sending goose bumps (once again) up and down my body. He hovers his lips over my ear sending jolts through me every time his touches his luscious lips on my skin. “You are so sexy Ariana Grande” he whispers, I can feel the rumble in his chest as he speaks in his husky voice, my knees weaken with every word he speaks, I was at complete mercy. his teeth bit his bottom lip in the most seductive way. I was still pinned up to the wall as he continued to hover over me, with his chest pressed against mine I finally remember the boys were still sitting out at the table waiting for their pan cakes.

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