Truly Madly

Ariana's feeling after Niall betrayed her was distraught. She can't trust any one anymore.
But what happens when she finds that he's in a massive boy band and that he wants her back?
Will she forgive him or will she be destined to have a broken heart for ever.


4. meeting the boys

*knock knock* I place down my magazine and rush to the door. Slowly opening it revealing the boy with the curly hair, I believe his name is Harry or something like that. He invites himself in and takes a seat on my bed. "Are you enjoying your stay so far?" he asks politely, "It's been alright" I shrug. He nods in agreement "Listen I know Niall can be a handful but just give him a chance" he explains. I laugh in frustration "Did he tell you to come and talk to me?" I ask raising my voice a bit, what a coward. Getting poor Harry to speak to me for him, wow. "No, I just noticed you guys seemed to be on the rocks lately" he shrugs in curiousness. I roll my eyes "Well if you knew the whole story you'd understand" I quietly explain. He bites his lip "Well dinners going to be ready in like 5 minutes so I'll see you down there I guess" he exclaims getting up and closing the door behind him. I roll my eyes and decide to finally go down and explore the house.

"Hey Ariana" says Louis as I walk down the stairs, I wave when I reach the bottom and walk over to him. "mmm what's that smell" my tummy grumbles, I'm so hungry. "Oh, that is Nialls cooking love" he says in his British accent. I smile, Niall has always been a good cooker. "Well, it smells like my favourite" I say excitedly, he laughs "And what's that?" he jokes, I smile "Thai noodles" he looks stunned "Yeah, that's actually what he's cooking" I frown in confusion "He must've remembered you liked it" Louis says going back to playing on his phone "yeah he must've" I whisper to myself as I continue to discover more of the house.

I enter a very large room with a massive television set up on a lovely glass cabinet. The couches are a clean leather white and the carpet is a dark grey fluffy pattern. When my feet touch the carpet, they instantly sink into it. I can tell I'm going to love my stay here. As I take my seat on the couch I notice someone staring at me and turn my head to see a boy covered in tattoos with black hair quaffed with a blonde streak peeking through the middle. He looks shocked to see me here "Hello?" he says almost like a question, I laugh "What, am I not allowed to be here?" I ask softly, he shakes his head "no... no, you can stay... if you want" he stutters, I nod my head as I get up. "I just wanted to try out the couches anyways, I'll be leaving, nice to meet you Zayn?" I ask knowing it's right but just checking "Yeah Zayn" he says quietly, I frown and quickly make my way out of there.

"DINNER IS SERVED!" Shouts Louis from the kitchen, I quietly make my way into the kitchen and watch from the bench as Zayn, Liam and Harry make there way in after me. I stand awkwardly in the middle of them all deciding what I'm going to do next. "Ariana you can help yourself" Niall says gesturing towards the food, I frown "Thanks Niall" I roll my eyes as I take a plate. The boys all wrestle behind me for who gets to be first out of them. I giggle as I pick up some pasta and take a seat at the table. They all eventually join me and we eat in silence until Louis starts speaking "So, your mom and brother should be home in about a week" he says smiling, I nod "Yeah thanks" the words come out awkwardly but really I was hurt. I missed mom and Frankie already and I don't think I can spend another day here with the Niall and the other boys. It's way to awkward. "Ariana" Liam says taking a sip of his sprite "How's all your shows been going soo far?" he asks interesting, I smile. Finally something I want to talk about. "Well they've been amazing, the last one I had got sold out and it was absolutely huge" I say exaggerating a bit, comparing to there concerts I'm sure the one I had was nothing. "Yeah it's hard with sold out concerts" he says accurately expressing my feelings "Do you have them regularly?" he asks, all the boys stare at me waiting for an answer "Yeah" I say nodding as I taste the noodles. This is going to be a looong night.


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