Truly Madly

Ariana's feeling after Niall betrayed her was distraught. She can't trust any one anymore.
But what happens when she finds that he's in a massive boy band and that he wants her back?
Will she forgive him or will she be destined to have a broken heart for ever.


1. I hate him

"Does he just expect me to let him back in after what he's done?" I ask her crossing my arms, she shrugs "Well if he's sa-" I shoot her a death stare "Don't you remember how upset I was?" I ask her disgusted she doesn't remember "A stupid 'sorry' isn't going to fix anything" I say crossing my arms and looking out the window. We sit in an awkward silence for the rest of the ride home.

I slam the door and make my way angrily up to my bedroom. Why am I acting like this? I hate him for what he's done to me, he left me with a hole in my heart that can never be filled again. I don't understand what's wrong with me, I should be happy he's gone. Wait... do I still, have feelings for him? "NO" I shout jumping onto my bed burying my face into my pillow. I can never forgive him, not after what he did to me.

But what about his beautiful blue eyes.


What about the way your lips and his connect together perfectly?

NO, I think. There's absolutely nothing I can or no one can say that will ever make me feel the same way I did about him before he ditched me. But somehow as I drift off into a long dream he's the only one I can think about.


The sun bursts through my curtains and I remember I have a whole day to myself. Gladly jumping out of bed I open the curtains revealing the beautiful morning sun peeping up from the tallest hill on the west side. I sit on my window sill thinking about one person. Shaking my head I get up to turn the shower on. I turn the knob and feel the water flow down my body as I sing

*whistle tone*

boy you make me feel so lucky,

finally the stars are align,

never has it been so easy,

to be in love and to give you this heart of mine.

and that's when I hear it, a slight creak from outside the bathroom. I freeze and stiffen up, I'm the only one home... listening to the foot steps on the wooden floor come closer, I turn the water off and quietly wrap a towel around my bare body. steady but slowly moving forward towards the door to lock it. I grab the handle and push down the lock violently feeling the person rattling the door knob at the last second. I stumble back in fear and curl up in the bath tub covering my ears. "My phone" I whisper to myself. It was just outside the bathroom, if I could quickly go grab it and make a run for the bathroom I'd be fine. I slowly walk towards the door shaking as I unlock the knob and twist the handle. I stick my head out half way leading my head in both directions "Cost is clear" I run for my phone and grasp the ears on the bear then I quickly spin around to find man standing before me. I don't know him but he looks oddly familiar. I put my hands in front of me to protect myself in case he decides to make a run at me. He chuckles evilly in front of me "Don't you remember me Ari?" he asks offended circling me, I follow his gaze "Who are you and what are you doing in my house?" I ask scared to death, he could do anything to me right now. I'm in a towel with nothing underneath, he could take advantage of me. I shiver runs down my spine at the thought. "Remember that kid that you rejected after he spilled out his feelings for you in the woods and you ran away and rejected him" he says crunching his hands into fists.

*Flashback* "Tyler I'm sorry" I say running far away from him.

I shake my head and can't believe it. "Tyler?" I ask confused, he nods "Yes, do you know you hurt me?" he asks disgusted, I shake my head. How was I meant to stand there and let him kiss me like that when I likes someone else? "Well you did" he says closing the space between us, I stiffen. I can feel his breaths on my bear shoulder and shutter as  they tickle my ear. "Now that you're older" he whispers in my ear, I take a breath in shaking "It will be easier to take advantage of you" he whispers the last sentence so evilly it could've only came form the mouth of Satan himself. I bite my lip in helplessness, I was about to get raped and al I could do was bite my lip!? He tugs at the end of my towel hanging out from the top near my breasts. I quickly run into the bathroom and lock the door again. "ARIANA, LET ME IN!" he screams banging at the door, I feel a tear stream down my face. I am truly scared now. It's not going to be long before he knocks down the door, I quickly scroll through my contacts and realize how stupid I am. I can't call anyone they've all gone out for the day, they'd take at least an hour to come back. And then my thumb stops on one person. Niall.

*RING RING* "Niall" I whisper hoping he'll pick up "Hello?" he answers In his thick Irish accent, a rush of relief hits me "Niall, I need help!" I nearly scream into the phone "Who's that banging on the door?" he asks worried. *BANG* the door crashes to the ground and Tyler stands there looking triumphant, I scream as he grabs me and drop my phone onto the tile floor. Listening to the rubber case bounce. "ARIANA!" I hear a slight scream as Tyler drags me away from the phone "NIALL!" I scream as Tyler swings me onto his back. I hear a beeping sound and start crying, he hung up. "Aw looks like your Romeo isn't going to save you now" he says tossing me onto the ground in front of the bed. I crawl quickly to my door and run down the stairs sprinting around the corner. He heart races with adrenaline as I try and find a good hiding spot. MOMS ROOM, I think. It has a massive lock on it and if I hide it in there silently Tyler won't know I'm in there. I hear his massive thumps behind me, my heart thumps out of my chest as I make a run for my moms bedroom. nearly slipping around the corner I silently lock the door and rest my back against the door sobbing into my hands. I'm probably going to get sexually harassed today and no one wants or has a heart to save me, since Niall hung up.

10 minutes go past and I hear Tyler walk past a couple of times but he doesn't dare to come in. What an idiot, I think to myself. That's when I hear the voice of an angel. It's Niall. His Irish accent screams out my name. I remain frozen not trusting what's outside the door. "TYLER" he screams, I quickly jolt and put my ear against the door to listen in. They're right outside the door. I could quickly open the door and run into Nialls arms, but instead I lay here frozen on the spot hopelessly dying of fear. "Leave her alone" Niall shouts, I hear a thud and realize he must've punched Tyler. "Ariana?" he whispers form the other side of the door. I shake as I unlock the door and race into his arms. He wraps his arms around me in relief, I burst out into tears of relief, if it wasn't for him I'd be laying helpless on my bed getting raped. My breaths are short and fast and then I fall to the ground hitting my head and everything goes black.

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