Truly Madly

Ariana's feeling after Niall betrayed her was distraught. She can't trust any one anymore.
But what happens when she finds that he's in a massive boy band and that he wants her back?
Will she forgive him or will she be destined to have a broken heart for ever.


11. good or bad news

Ariana's pov:

I feel a bit oozy as I approach the table towards the boys. It had been 5 minutes later after Niall had approached me with such intention and I could still see him catching my gaze every time I went to look at him. But for some strange reason my stomach was rumbling and I can tell you now, the smell off of the pan cakes were not helping.

I place the plate in the middle of the room and give Niall a quick worried stare as I run towards the bathroom. Just in time I heave into the toilet feeling his soft hands grasping my hair away from my face. Feeling drained I turn towards him and mouth a "thank you" bearly being able to speak. What just happened. I felt completely fine 5 minutes ago. Niall looks down at me worried... Almost scared "Ariana... This is bad" he says wiping the few beads of sweat from my forehead. I frown in confusion "what" I manage to say. His eyes fill with full on fear and suddenly so do mine. My heart sinks as the years start to fall down my cheeks. "ssh, ssh everything's going to be alright babe" he says cradling me, brushing my hair with his soft finger tips. I shake my head. No, how could this have happened? But most of all... How could he be so calm about this and just sit there telling me everything's going to be alright. "No it's not Niall!" I almost shout, but be careful so the boys don't hear. "I could possibly be pregnant and what? You're just gonna sit here and tell me everything's gonna be alright?" I start shaking feeling myself go under a heavy phase of dizziness then the lights go out.

Nialls pov:

Don't get me wrong... Having a child with Ariana is all I could ever dream about, I couldn't be more happier. But something doesn't feel right. We only just made up two days ago and already I've ruined her life again.... She had such a big career ahead of her and I'm sure the boys and I did to. Shit. What will the boys say? I walk back down the stairs after tucking Ariana into bed and awkwardly sit down at the table. They all stare at me like a price of meat. "Is she alright?" Liam asked concerned as he chomps through probably his third pan cake. I nod feeling the lump in my throat rise. To the point where I think I might be sick.

They all keep their eyes on me as I sit in frustration with my hands covering my expressions. "Niall, is everything alright?" Louis asks placing down his utensils. "These pan cakes are delicious and you haven't touched one of them... are you feeling okay?" He asks this time I can feel the tension around the table rise and then I loose it. I brake down letting my sobs be heard. Zayn quietly pulls out his chairs and scoots closer to me patting my back. I must seem like such a softy right now but I couldn't help it. Only if they knew. "I guess he doesn't have a heart of stone" Harry pronounces from across the table. They all death stare him seriously and he shuts up and continues nibbling away. "Come on man, just tell us what happened" Zayn says as I lift my head up. My eyes already feel puffy and red and I can tell by the faces around the room they weren't ready for the news I was about to explain...

"Ariana might be pregnant" they all sit stunned and I couldn't make out the expressions or what they were feeling. But I could definitely tell they weren't positive. I knew they would've taken this that well... I mean looks at me! I obviously didn't. I'm stupid to think they would take it any better than I did.

Louis was the first to speak "Niall that's uh.... Wonderful" he cheers hesitantly as he gets up and pats me on the back, raising his glass in the air. "A cheers to our friend Niall. Who isn't only a friend... A brother should I say? And now looks at him!" They all laugh "having your own child, I'm so proud and overwhelmed. All we can say is good luck buddy" he says as they all clank their glasses together.

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