Truly Madly

Ariana's feeling after Niall betrayed her was distraught. She can't trust any one anymore.
But what happens when she finds that he's in a massive boy band and that he wants her back?
Will she forgive him or will she be destined to have a broken heart for ever.


9. don't flirt with my girl

As I sat on my bed in my P.js my whole life flashed before my eyes. A life with him. Kids, an actual life. I couldn't wait for the day he kneels in front of me confidently looking up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes as he opens the velvet box revealing a ring. It wouldn't matter what type of ring it is, all that matters is that we'd be partners. Looking out for each other. And having little us running around our feet. Just thinking about it made me weak at the knees. I could finally thank my mom for asking him to take care of me... it's like she knew we would somehow find a way to get together again. I remember when he stood there at my door and I hesitated to go with him. Almost like I was scared of falling in love again... but I now know if he had left me there alone I would be a hopeless wreck. Probably still lying on my bathroom floor cradled in a ball in the corner of the bath tub. How grateful can one person get?

The bathroom door swung open as a tired Niall stepped out in his night ware with a toothbrush hanging out from the corner of his mouth. I stare at him awkwardly snapping out of my trance. He rushes out to the sink and spits out the froth from his mouth. He rinses the tooth brush and makes his way over to where I am sitting and stares intensively into my eyes. It makes me giggle when I watch him examine my face, as his eyes drift down from my eyes, on my nose, to my lips, to my chin and back up to my lips. His eyes stop and just stay on them until I start speaking. "I feel like some tea" I say ruining the moment. He looks annoyed as I stand up and exit the room.

I make my way down stairs to find Harry with his chin in the palm of his hands (see what I did there *smirk*) reading a book. He smiles as he sees me walking towards him. "What you reading?" I ask intrigued, he shrugs as he lifts the book up so the covers visible to me. "Harry Potter" he explains tracing his fingers over the bubbly writing on the cover. My eyes grow bigger "Seriously?" I ask confused, he blushes "Yeah, I like them... can't stop reading them" he says chuckling to himself. I slap his arm "SHUT UP! I love them too!" I shout a little to loud for 10 pm at night. But unfortunately it was true... I couldn't stop reading them, I was the biggest nerd.

*flashback* when I had just found out about my singing everyone was so excited for me and so energetic. "hey let's go to the club down town to celebrate!" Frankie literally screamed jumping up and down. Mom nodded "Sounds perfect" she said excited. I just stood there awkwardly shaking my head. "I actually just wanna read my book..." I said quietly. They all frowned in confusion. Like I was crazy "I was planning on reading the Harry Potter books again" I explained excited to stick my head in one once again. They all shrugged "Alright well no party I guess" *flashback ended*

I was never really the party type, and I never will be. I'm a type of person that would choose reading a book and drinking tea over getting drunk and dancing the night away any day. Most people thought it was strange since I perform at concerts and stuff but, I just couldn't go to clubs and parties.

"Oh really? I'd always pictured you as the party type" he says confused. I laugh "No I hate parties and clubs... can't stand them" I say disgusted remembering the last time I went to one. "Same, they're so over rated" he says joking around. I laugh sarcastically as I grab a mug from the cupboard and plan it on the table. "So what do you like then?" he asks obviously interested in what I like "I like reading, me time and singing" I say flicking the switch on the kettle turning back to face him. He was a nice kid. Very mysterious and handsome. His features were always stood out especially the mop of hazel hair on his head. It waved in curls over his forehead and covered his ears. I remember seeing the video clip of 'story of my life' with Lexi and seeing him as the main singer. "Obviously someone else like singing" I say raising my eyebrows. He laughs "Yeah, I'm guessing you've seen our videos or heard our songs?" he says confidently. I nod in approval. "You the main singer?" I ask crossing my arms. He twitches his lips to one side "I don't like to think of it that way but I guess..." he says ashamed, I nod "You've got a nice voice" I say before turning back to the kettle switching the switch off and gently pouring the boiling water into the cup with the tea bag.

"Thanks..." he says awkwardly. I shrug as I walk to the chair beside him and sit down. "I saw two of your videos too" he says folding the page of his book and sliding it behind him. "Oh you did?" I ask eager to hear what he thought of them. "You have a crazy pair of vocal chords, amazing singer" he says raising his eyebrows. I blush "Well thank you" and then I feel two pairs of hands hand over my shoulders. Guessing they're Nialls I turn around to find his blue eyes death staring Harry "So what have you guys been talking about?" he asks annoyed that I'm talking to him. I sense jealously as I watch his jaw tighten "Harry Potter and singing" I say looking at Harry with a smile. And that's when Niall acts. "Harry, don't go flirting with her alright?" he asks lifting me slowly of the chair onto my feet. Harry nods quickly and opens up his books back to where he was reading. That was strange, I've never seen his jealous side before. And I didn't quite know if I liked it....

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