Truly Madly

Ariana's feeling after Niall betrayed her was distraught. She can't trust any one anymore.
But what happens when she finds that he's in a massive boy band and that he wants her back?
Will she forgive him or will she be destined to have a broken heart for ever.


7. apology

I wake up warm. Feeling safer than I have in a long time. I blink slowly finally adjusting to the light peeking through the blinds. A small head ache approaches as I wonder my eyes around the room.... Wait, this isn't my room. Oh yeah.... I'm in Nialls room. I look down at my waist and find two arms wrapped gently around it. They fit perfectly in the crease of my stomach, it feels nice. And then I feel a rustle, and look up. "Good morning beautiful" Niall says in his rusty morning voice, I feel shivers when he combs his fingers up my back and through my hair. "What happened to us?" I ask upset, I've really missed my time I've had with Niall. "It's all my fault..." He sighs, I bite my lip. There's nothing I can disagree with... He is the reason we broke up "Well not m-" he cuts me off "it is I'm sorry" he rubs the back of his neck. And now I feel guilty as ever. I know it was his fault but I can't partly feel it's mine to. "I just don't want us like we were before... Ever again" I close my eyes as I lean my head on his chest. I feel him nod. *KNOCK KNOCK* we both instantly sit up and push each other away from each other. Zayns head pops in as we settle out selves on opposite sides of the bed "breakfast is ready" he says quietly before closing the door again. "That was close" I say forcing myself out of bed. Niall does the same but puts his arm in front of me as I try to open the door. "You go out first and I will follow you after about 5 minutes so they don't think anything unusual" he says nervously playing with his thumbs. I laugh and pull him into me for another hug "I don't care if they know" I whisper as I grab his hand and open the door. He looks nervous but to be honest I'd rather let the boys know we have made up then to think we are still at each other's throats.

We walk down the stairs hand in hand. As we enter the main room all the boys stare curiously at us. Louis gets up and pats Niall on the back as I release of his hand to grab a bowl. They all stare me down like 'what happened with you two' I shrug as I pour the cereal into the bowl. Liam struts over to me and gets close enough so no one else can hear him. "I'm glad you've made up with Niall" he whisper quietly, I smile "yeah, it just kinda happened" I whisper back with a stupidly big grin plastered on my face. "That's good" he says before walking back to the lads. I stare out the window as I grab a spoon from the draw and suddenly see the first snowflake of winter. I dances lightly down onto the window pane and slowly melts into a tiny puddle of icy water. It lightens my mood even more, if that's possible.

"So what happened here?" Harry asks pointing to Niall and I sitting across from each other. I shrug "I just realized something I should've a long time ago" I explain, lost in Niall's magically, possessive blue eyes. Harry smiles relieved that we're not fighting anymore. I just giggle as I see Harry whispering to Louis, obviously about Niall and I but I don't mind. And for the longest time in a while now I just let it be.

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