Truly Madly

Ariana's feeling after Niall betrayed her was distraught. She can't trust any one anymore.
But what happens when she finds that he's in a massive boy band and that he wants her back?
Will she forgive him or will she be destined to have a broken heart for ever.


2. a dream

"WAKE UP!" I turn my head and find Tyler shaking me by the neck, I try to scream but nothing comes out. It's like a silent whisper. He pulls out a knife and holds it to my neck, I edge my head back trying to get away but he squeezes my neck tighter. I look down feeling the blood oozing down my neck.

I wake up sweating and puffing. Niall sits beside me dabbing a wet face washer on my forehead. I shake my head and pain runs up my neck "HSS" my hand shoot up to my was and touches his. I blush and slowly remove my hand "you've been out for a while" he bites his lip, I frown "how long?" I ask feeling like I've been out for days "5 hours" he explains rubbing the back of his neck. I've always thought it was cute when he did that but... I just can't look at him the same way. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate him saving me but were just not the same anymore. Wait... Did he say 5 hours? "Have you been here with me for 5 hours?" He nods "yeah, I didn't trust Tyler" he purses his lips. "Well you can go now, I'm fine" I say pulling myself up, he frowns "I don't know if I should go" he looks out the window, "Niall" I say seriously, he nods "okay" he says as I walk him to the door. He doesn't move, he just stands at the entrance and stares into my eyes. I used to love staring into his eyes, but now it's just awkward and depressing. "Bye Ari" he says half smiling, I nod and close the door.

Collapsing on the floor near my door I think. What would've happen if he stayed? Would we have sex and then he'd leave me? Would it have been awkward? I Shake my head, Why am I still thinking about this boy? I don't love him anymore, I hate him. I only called him because he was the only person available at the time.

Anyways, it doesn't matter. I won't see him anymore because I'm going to a lot of concerts. I'm pretty certain this "One Direction" isn't going to any of them, so thank god. My mom and Frankie should be home by now... I think staring at the clock. It's already 8 pm and they haven't arrived home, I start to worry and grab the phone.

"Hey mom?" I ask as she picks up, she mumbles "yes sweet?" She asks confused, I shake. "Well... When are you coming home?" I cry, she gasps "What's wrong?" I sob in my hands and shake my head "Mom... I... I... Just miss you" I frown. Of course I'm not going to tell her what happened with Tyler. She'd flip! And even though he did wrong. I don't think that kid wants to face the wrath of my mom. "Well, sorry to say but we'll be back in the morning" my heart drops "there's a huge accident and were going to wait till the traffic clears up" she explains, I shake my head a curse under my breath "alright thanks bye mom" I hang up and grit my teeth in anger.

Wrapped in my blanket freezing I sit up reading my book. Flipping pages every minute or so. The front door clicks shut and my heart races hoping it's Frankie and mom. I race down the stairs, but not to find mom or Frankie but to find Niall.

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