What Happened to Us ?

Tayla Mills and Niall Horan have been best friends since they were five years old. He was there for her during the toughest time if her life. Niall gets offered a great oppurtunity. But is he ready to leave his family and bestfriend ? Will he stay the same Niall Horan Tayla has known to love or will the fame get to his head ? Read on to find out....


6. Chapter 6

I woke up before my alarm this morning. I was contemplating between staying in bed for another 20 minutes or actually being on time for school. I decided on the second option. I looked in the mirror and cringed at my appearance. I had tear stained cheeks and my mascara had run down my cheeks. I jumped in the shower washing the makeup off of my face and washing my hair with my strawberry shampoo. I looked out the window and it was raining and windy. Typical Ireland. I threw on a pair of light wash skinny jeans and a jack wills jumper. I put on a pair of white converses and wore my natural straight hair. I walked down stairs hoping to find Alex and apologize for last night. Usually by this time he is making breakfast in the kitchen but this time he isn't. His keys weren't in there usual place so I guess he left before me. I made 2 pieces of toast with Nutella and ate them while watching Teen Mom. After around 10 minutes I looked at the clock and I still had 15 minutes. It only takes 5 minutes to get to school and there is a Starbucks around the corner so I decided to go there and get a coffee hoping it would wake me up. When I walked through the door there was nobody in there so I got served pretty quickly. I ordered an Iced Mocha to takeaway and drank it in the car on the way to school. When I arrived at my most favourite place in the world I found Niall leaning on the post near the door way. He was facing the opposite way so I decided to run up and scare him.

"BOO!" I yelled in his ear.

"Omg Tayla!" He said in shock.

"You scared me."

"Well that was kind of my intention," I said laughing.

"Haha very funny."

When we walked inside the music teacher was walking in our direction.

"Hey Mrs Tors," I said politely.

"Good morning Tayla. Niall could I speak to you for a minute?" She asked him.

"Yeah sure," Niall said.

I gave him a confused look but he just said that he will meet me in English.

Nialls P.O.V

I walked with Mrs Tors to the music room. I already knew what this was about. It was about the subject that I have been dreading of speaking of for the past day. I couldn't sleep at all last night because I was to busy thinking about this wonderful opportunity.

"So Niall, have you been thinking about what I spoke to you about yesterday?"

"Umm no not really. I thought I had another 3 weeks." I said confused.

"You do I was just wondering. This is a great opportunity, I really want you to think about this. "

"I will I just need a bit more time."

"Sure take as much time as you want."

I walked back to English to meet Tayla.

"Excuse me young man," my English teacher Mr Darek yelled at me.

"Where have you been," he said angry.

"I was talking with Mrs Tors." I said honestly.

"You have detention, I need a note and a signature from Mrs Tors about your unexplained absence," he said.

Oh great. This day is already bad and it isn't even 12:00 yet.

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