What Happened to Us ?

Tayla Mills and Niall Horan have been best friends since they were five years old. He was there for her during the toughest time if her life. Niall gets offered a great oppurtunity. But is he ready to leave his family and bestfriend ? Will he stay the same Niall Horan Tayla has known to love or will the fame get to his head ? Read on to find out....


5. Chapter 5

"You wanna bet Mills?" He said laughing.

"Yes I do Horan," I said splashing him.

"Oh your going to have to do better that that." He said

I pushed him under the cool blue water laughing my head off. Within 3 seconds he had come up from the water with an evil grin on his face. Before he could speak I pushed him under again. I waited 10 seconds but he hadn't come up to the surface yet.

"Niall!" I yelled worried.

No response.

"Niall stop tricking me," I said trying not to sound worried.

"Cmon Niall this isn't fun...

I suddenly felt something wrapped around my ankle I screamed before I got dragged under.

I opened my eyes under water even though it killed and I saw my best friend looking at me with an evil grin on his face.

"You idiot," I told him once I come above the water.

"Did that scare you Tay?" He asked me laughing.

"I thought you were dead," I told him.

"Ahaha, sorry."

"Lets go get some ice-cream. Im kind of sick of the water now." I suggested.

"Okay, Im paying though," he said.

"Good, I think you owe me one," I said walking out of the water.


When we got to the Ice-cream shop I ordered Strawberry and Niall ordered Choc Chip. He handed the guy a $10 note and we walked along the street to the car.

"Hey could you drop me off at my house. I haven't been home since yesterday morning. I think I need some fresh clothes," I said hopping into the car.

"Yeah sure. I will see you at school tomorrow anyway."

After around 15 minutes of laughing and singing to music Niall pulled up at my house.

"Thanks for dropping me off. I had a great time," I said

"Your welcome," he said back.

I waved to Niall as he drove away. When I got into the living room I found a very angry and worried Alex.

"Excuse me young lady where the hell do you think you were?" He asked me with an angry tone.

Oh shit I thought.

"Umm I was with Niall," I said calmly.

"I have been texting you and ringing you all night and morning," he said angry.

Sure enough on my phone are 10 missed calls and 5 messages all from the one and only Alex.

"Sorry I seriously haven't checked my phone all day and it has been on silent."

"Where were you anyway," he said his voice softening.

"I stayed at Niall's after school last night then we went to the beach today," I said honestly.

"And you didn't think to text me?" He said angry again.

"Your not my dad!" I yelled at him.

His facial expression changed completely. His eyes went glassy and suddenly I couldn't read him as well as I used to be able to.

"Oh god I am so sorry I didn't mean that."

He turned around and walked outside.

I sighed and ran upstairs. Sure me and my brother had fights before but this was different.

I cried myself to sleep that night thinking how easy and better it was with my parents. I miss them so much.

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