What Happened to Us ?

Tayla Mills and Niall Horan have been best friends since they were five years old. He was there for her during the toughest time if her life. Niall gets offered a great oppurtunity. But is he ready to leave his family and bestfriend ? Will he stay the same Niall Horan Tayla has known to love or will the fame get to his head ? Read on to find out....


3. Chapter 3

Nialls P.O.V

I woke up before Tayla this morning. I took in her beautiful features and her light snoring. I smirked to myself thinking how lucky I am to have a best friend like her. I climbed out the fort trying to be quiet but being the person I am I just had to trip over a pillow. I landed face first on the floor. I turned around to see if I woke Tayla up. Nup still asleep. I walked into the kitchen giggling to myself. A loud grumble came from my stomach. I just remember we didn't have dinner last night. Well then time for a big breakfast. I got out the toaster, pans and plates and made blueberry pancakes (Tayla's favourite), eggs, bacon and toast. Halfway through the making of the pancakes my phone started ringing. I answered it but took it outside making ,sure I didn't wake Tayla up.

"Hello, Niall speaking," I said because it was a private number.

"Hello Niall, this is Mrs Tors your music teacher"

"Oh okay, what can I help you with," I asked suspiciously.

"Well I was watching the t.v the other day and it had an advertisement for the X Factor this year. It is there first time bringing it to Ireland in around 4 years. I was wondering if you wanted to give it a go."

"Oh wow," I replied in shock.

I never really thought I was that good. I mean sure I sang at school and in front of family but never in front of thousands of people. I don't think I could leave my parents, brother or Tayla behind.

"Niall, are you there," Mrs Tors said snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah sorry. What were you saying?"

" You don't have to give me an answer right now. The auditions aren't for another 3 weeks but you should defiantly think about it. I think you have what it takes."

"Thank you Mrs Tors. I will definately think about it."

"Well have a good day Niall."

She said before hanging up. Wow nothing this big has ever happened in my life before. It would be a great opportunity but Im not sure if I'm ready to leave my life behind just yet.

I walked back into the kitchen worried that I have ruined the breakfast and it is all burnt. But instead of finding burnt bacon and toast I find my amazing best friend serving up our breakfast on plates.

"Morning Nialler," she said happily.

"Morning love," I replied back.

"Where did you go. I came in here to find a great looking breakfast but no chef," she said cheekily.

"Just outside talking to my Mum. Didn't want to wake you. Sorry if I worried you," I said.

I practically just lied to my best friend. But I just wasn't ready to tell her yet. Seeming I didn't even know myself.

"Well lets start eating this amazing breakfast WE cooked before we have to go back to the hell hole," she said emphasizing the we. All I could think about while I was eating breakfast was should I go or should I stay. It would be a great experience. But do I have what it takes? Thats the question that was replaying in my mind.

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