What Happened to Us ?

Tayla Mills and Niall Horan have been best friends since they were five years old. He was there for her during the toughest time if her life. Niall gets offered a great oppurtunity. But is he ready to leave his family and bestfriend ? Will he stay the same Niall Horan Tayla has known to love or will the fame get to his head ? Read on to find out....


1. Chapter 1

*Beep *Beep... "Arghh" I moaned and rolled over sleepily pushing the snooze button on my iPhone. Why does school have to start so early I wondered to myself as I turned the hot water on in my bathroom. As I got under the soothing hot water I felt much more relaxed. After doing my 30 minute routine in the shower I got dressed in a floral sundress and gold sandals seeming it is the middle of Spring. After curling my hair and doing my make up I looked at my phone seeing that I had a new message from my best friend Niall Horan.

*Hey Tay not going to be at school today. Not feeling the best :( have a great day ;) *

Well that just makes my Monday a whole lot better... NOT. I texted back saying to get better soon. I ran down stairs saying hello to my older brother Alex who I live with because my parents died when I was 10 and Alex was 14.

"Hey little sis", Alex smirked at me. I grabbed a banana for breakfast and said goodbye to Alex before running out the door. I hopped into my car and turned the radio on hoping it would give me some energy for my shit day ahead. "Yes!" I yelled finding out that my favourite song was playing on the radio. I turned Katy Perry's Roar up so it was pumping through the speakers.


10 minutes later I pulled up at Ocean-view High School. My favourite place in the world :) notice the sarcasm ? I checked my timetable and worked out that I have double maths first then english woohoo ! I texted Niall saying that he is the worst best friend ever leaving me here by myself. I walk into the classroom 2 minutes before the bell goes taking a seat next to my other friend Sara. "Hey Sara," I greeted her.

"Hey Tayla," she said sadly. "Whats wrong?" I asked her with a worried expression on my face. "Ummm... You know my boyfriend Ashton?"

"Yeah of course," I answered back. "He's moving to America," she said with watery eyes.

"Omg im so sorry," I said trying to comfort her.

Its okay," she said trying to convince herself.

"We are both trying to work things out."

"Well thats good, I hope everything works out for you guys."

"Me too," she said hopefully.

"Alright class today we are learning about Algebra," my teacher Mr Smith said earning a big amount of groans from the class.

Oh the joys of being in high school..........

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