Story Of My Life

A handsome boy runs into a really pretty girl.


3. The weekend of a life time



  'Its been two weeks since school and I meet the boys. They are really nice. We are going to meet up at the park down the street from me. I'm excited to hangout with someone famous!' As I write in my journal. I tell my mom where I'm going. I'm at the park waiting. ' where are they? They are 2 hours late!' I say under my breath.


   " Fellows! We are late! She is might be gone already!" I scream up the stairs to them. " We are coming! Harry just lost his phone!" Liam screaming back at me. " She is calling me!" As Harry gets very excited. "Fellows its down here on the table!" I scream at them. They all come running down stairs. "Now can we leave?!" I say and they give me this look. 


  We arive at the park. I can see Krystal sitting there nerves and scard because she thinks that screaming fans will come running out of now where. 

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