Story Of My Life

A handsome boy runs into a really pretty girl.


1. The first day of a new life


   Its the first day of a new school year. This is my 4th time moving because my parents work keeps moving them. I'm hoping I'm gonna stay in one spot this whole year. I had to leave so many friends behind. I'm preying that this will be a better year, and my ex's. I only had 1 boyfriend, but we where doing a long relationship thing but when he found out I was moving even farther, that's when he broke up with me. Now he is bating my best friend! 



   I now this school by heart. I heard that there will be a new girl. I need to look my best today if I wanna meet her. They say she keeps moving. "Hoping she stays the whole school year". I thought to myself. Im gonna be with the boys when I meet her. I meet up with the boys. I tell them " please don't embarres me infront of the new girl!" They all agreed not to. Tehn I dorve the boys to school. I can already see her. " She looks amazing!" i said under my breath. " what was that harry?" Louis said. Then all the boys looked at me. 




    Harry just dropped me and th boys off at school. I heard what Harry said but I don't want to say anything. "Harry" " I heard what you said." Now all the boys are looking at me. I'm so scard. " Look!" " is that the new girl!" I pointed at the new girl! I was just pointing at something to get there eyes off of me. With Harry giving me his death stare because I heard what he said. 



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