Story Of My Life

A handsome boy runs into a really pretty girl.


4. The day it all fell



  " Krystal looks so beautiful!" As i say to myself. I just see her walking toward us. I see Harry just looking at her. I know what he is thinking. He keeps saying "She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen!" 


  All I see when I'm walking toward the boys is them staring at me. I don't know why? All I'm wearing is this striped pink shirt, tight tie dye look like they where bleach jeans, and heals, I have my hair curled. They all are looking into my eyes. I can just see 5 fans behind them. They all had a favorite. I walked up to them all and they all hugged me. Then I whispered to them that there where fans behind them. I knew that the fans would have done something bad to them if I didn't tell them. I can just see it in there eyes. Harry turned around and they screamed! Then all of a sudden a 6th fan came out of no where! She grabbed me n knocked me out. All the girls where from my school. They told me to stay away from them when I first came to the school. The 5 grils where the boys ex's. The 6th one she was just a good friend of all the girls. When the girls where done talking to the boys, they turned around and saw me missing! Niall saw my phone on the ground and the girls called it. Liam answered it and he knew who they where so he begged them to give me back. You just hear me in the background screaming. All you hear is Zayn say "If you let her go then we will go out with you." Then you hear the 6th girl crying, Because she was in love with Harry! The 1st girl put the camera on and they all started to beat me up! Louis knew where they're at, so they ran to the place and found me there all cut up n bleeding! Liam carried me to the car and they drove me to the hospital. 


 We where at the park and saw our ex's. They took and beat Krystal up. She is laying on Harry, Zayn and my lap. Her head is on Harry's lap. I look over at him and see that he is worried. He keeps feeling her pulse. 


  I look at Niall and he keeps looking at Harry. I don't know why, but when I looked over I see Harry is keep feeling her pulse. Liam is driving over the speed limit. All I hear is a cop behind us. Liam pulls over and the cop sees Krystal just laying there all beat up. Liam tells the cop what happened and he escorted us to the hospital. We go in and fans are just sitting there because some of them saw us and knew where we where going. The doctors took Krystal.


 I carried Krystal inside where the doctor's took her from my arm's. I started to cry a little. Then our "girlfriend's" (The one's that had beaten Krystal) where there. Zayn spotted them walking in looking for us. We started to walk away slowly, until the 6th girl grabbed me by the arm and told the other's that she had us. I started to yell at them for what they did to her. Liam had to hold me back before I did something. Secority came and took the girls out. A week went by and Krystal was still in the hospital. Another week went by, she is still in the hopsital. Finally its the day Krystal can leave the hospital. Liam drove me to the hospital to pick her up. The others where still asleep. It was eairly and I can tell that Krystal needed sleep. Same with Liam. 


  I drove Liam to the hospital to pick up Krystal. We are now driving home and Krystal fell asleep in the back seat with Harry. She is leaning on his shoulder and he has his head on hers. I'm pulling into the drive way and I can already see some fans trying t get in the yard. I finally got in and Krystal woke up a little scard but she calmed down. Harry woke up because of it and he calmed her down. She started to cry a little. I got her stuff and we brought her in. She didn't say why she was crying. I see Niall in the kitchen making food. He knew that Harry and I went to go and get Krystal. He made food for everyone. After the food Krystal thanked Niall and we all went back to bed. Krystal walked into the cuddle room. I call it the cuddle room and Zayn calls it the warm room. She lit the fire and sat there crying and staring into the fire. I walked in and she looked at me. With her hazel eyes. You can see the fire reflecting off her eyes that are full of tears. 


 It was niçe of Niall to make me some food and for Harry and Liam to come and get me. Instead of walking upstairs with Liam and go back to bed, I went into the cuddle room. I lit a fire and sat on the couch crying. Liam walked in and he sat next to me and he asked me whats wrong. I said to him " I ran away from home because my dad rapes me and my mum." I started to cry a little more and told him the rest. "I ran away because if him and I had my stuff ready. Money for a plain ticket. My mum just passed the day before I ran away. The next day my dad was about to rape me then he heard a knock on the door. He answered it and ran back to my room and saw me gone. I was hiding under my bed. He found me and pulled me out by my hair. I got my lamp and hit him on the head and a fire started. So I have no home now because of that." Liam was staring at me. Then he hugged me. I saw Harry standing in the door way. Liam heard Harry standing there. Liam looked back and saw him. He came over and hugged me. He found my bag and gave it to me. 


 I hear crying downstairs.I'm sitting on the steps and I heard everything that happened to her. I started to tear up. Then I hear Liam and Harry walking her to the steps so I got up and run up the steps as fast a as I can. Krystal walks into Harry's with him. 


I took Krystal into my room and she laided down on my bed. I laided next to her. She got up and got dressed in front of me. She didn't care if I was watching. Then I just hear all of our phones ring but Krystal's. She looked at me and I gave her phone back to her. I put all of our numbers in there when she was in the hospital. My phone kept going off. I finally looked at it. It was my girlfriend. She is making sure I was ok because we almost got into a car accident when we dropped Krystal off at the hopsital. I put my phone down as she climbed into bed. She turned and turned the light off. I started to cuddle with her. Then we both fell asleep.


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