Story Of My Life

A handsome boy runs into a really pretty girl.


2. First day of school



   Everyone is staring at me. I'm getting really nerves. I don't know what to do. "There are five boys walking up to me!" I thought to myself. "I'll just ignore them." I said under my breath. 



   My locker is right next to her's. I want to say hi but she look's really scard. "Hi I'm Harry Styles." I said to her but it seems like she is not listening. Krystal said " Hi I'm Krystal." Then she put her hand out and we shook hands. 



     " Fellas lest go its time to get to class!" I said and Krystal looked up at me. She has the most georgest eyes! She has pretty long brown hair, the most beautiful smile that anyone can see. Don't get me started on her georgest hazel eyes. Then she looked away before I could say hi. 



     " Hi Krystal I'm Zayn. Do you have the samw classes as us?" I said. Then she handed me her scheldule. I saw that she as every class with us! So now we can get to know each other better.  "Would you like to come with us to class?" I asked her but she seems like she dosent wanna talk. " well that was awkward" as I said to myself. We just get in the class, and we are out of breath because we had to run. The warning bell went off. 

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