Taylor Sleight and the new dark wizards

Taylor Sleight was a very unusual witch she was a half-squib in a pureblood family. After her father knew that she was half-squib he began to treat her different it was very strange the ocations when an "I love you" came from him to Taylor. Unlike so much wizards Taylor have problems using her magic and that disturbed her father a lot .What will happen when the remain death eaters escape from Azkaban and begin to search purebloods to join them? Will her father resist to the dark side or will he join them to win the pureblood image that one day the sleight family had?


3. chapter 3

One month has passed since Taylor received her Hogwarts acceptance letter. She was now in front of the Hogwarts express with her parents, her brother and sister.


"We Will miss you a lot" said Taylor's mother to the three of them. "Don't forget to write" she added and then she gave the three of them a hug. Her father being the opposite didn't say much. He just said goodbye and then both of her parents disappeared in the wall.

Taylor entered the Hogwarts express not knowing where or with who she will sit. Crunch, her brown owl was in his cage trying to sleep. She had already passed into 7 compartments and all of them were full. The 8th compartment that she checked  was fortunately almost empty except for a blonde guy who was looking out the window.

"Do you mind if I sit here? , everywhere is full" she said in a shy voice.The blonde boy smile at her and answered,

"Go ahead"

"Thank you", said Taylor while she was putting Crunch beside her.

"I'm Scorpius, Scorpius Malfoy" . The name Malfoy began to repeat inside her head. She was with a Malfoy the member of a pureblood family that her father envies.But her thoughts were interrupted by the voice of Scorpius.

"Hey are you okay?" He asked looking at her

"What-yeah I 'm fine".

"I'm Taylor by the way ,Taylor Sleight.

"You're Taylor Sleight" he asked astonished. Taylor couldn't understand why her name was so important, did someone else knows that she is half squib?

"You're the half-squib?"Scorpius asked.The worst fear of Taylor became true she took a deep breath and answered ,

"Yeah , do you have a problem with that?"

"No,just asking"

Scorpius noticed that Taylor was a little bit upset and at the time embarrassed about her blood status so he decided to change the topic.

"What house do you expect to be sorted?" He asked . Taylor never thought of that, in what house she will be sorted? Definitely not Slytherin of course she was not pureblood, in Hufflepuff she was not sure about it , Ravenclaw maybe not she was not too wise, Gryffindor never in her life. All the options were replaced by one answer.

"I'm still not sure"

The sun began to set the blue sky began to get darker and the clouds disappeared and were replaced by stars. Not so far away Taylor could see a magnificent castle it was the most beautiful Castle that she have seen in her life she couldn't believe it she was in front of Hogwarts.

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