Taylor Sleight and the new dark wizards

Taylor Sleight was a very unusual witch she was a half-squib in a pureblood family. After her father knew that she was half-squib he began to treat her different it was very strange the ocations when an "I love you" came from him to Taylor. Unlike so much wizards Taylor have problems using her magic and that disturbed her father a lot .What will happen when the remain death eaters escape from Azkaban and begin to search purebloods to join them? Will her father resist to the dark side or will he join them to win the pureblood image that one day the sleight family had?


2. chapter 2

Taylor Sleight woke up and the first thing that she did was smile today was a special day for her. It was her 11th birthday. She quickly jumped out of her bed and opened her window, the sunlight filled the room it was a beautiful day the birds were singing and a fresh breeze was outside. Taylor went downstairs still in her blue pajamas. The smell of bacon filled her lungs when she was near the dinning room

"good morning sweetie" her mother greeted when Taylor entered to the  dinning room. Her mother was cooking Taylor's favorite breakfast eggs,bacon and blueberry pancakes.

"'morning mom".

Her father entered to the room joined by Chris and Molly Taylor's older brother and sister Chris was just 1 year older than Taylor and he have the appearance of his father tall ,black hair and blue eyes but unlike his father Chris didn't care for people's blood status in fact he was more like his mother. The personality of Molly was more like her father and her appearance was a mixture of her two parents brown hair and red lips like her mother ,blue eyes and pale skin  like her father and she was 2 years older than Taylor , Taylor was exactly like her mother except for her eyes.

"good morning mom" both Chris and Molly said. "good morning honey" said Taylor's father Her mother answered them with another good morning and  then with a flick of her wand the breakfast appeared in the table.When everyone was seated her brothers and her father said happy birthday to her Taylor smiled and said thankyou and then just before they began to eat the owl of the family,Huffles (her mother chose the name in honor of the house of Hufflepuf) arrived at the house with 3 letters on his peak. A great excitement filled the body of Taylor making her feel like if nothing could ruin the day she was so excited that even her Brown hair change to color Orange.

The owl dropped the 3 letters in the table. Taylor picked the one that had her name written and without waiting another second she opened her letter.


Dear miss sleight,

we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September .We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Your sincerely,

Minerva Macgonaggal


Taylor couldn't believe it she was going to Hogwarts!


hey guys, I hope you like this movella i know there are a few spelling and grammar mistakes but that's because English is not my native language. I'm searching a co-author so if you want to help me just write it in the comments :)


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