Taylor Sleight and the new dark wizards

Taylor Sleight was a very unusual witch she was a half-squib in a pureblood family. After her father knew that she was half-squib he began to treat her different it was very strange the ocations when an "I love you" came from him to Taylor. Unlike so much wizards Taylor have problems using her magic and that disturbed her father a lot .What will happen when the remain death eaters escape from Azkaban and begin to search purebloods to join them? Will her father resist to the dark side or will he join them to win the pureblood image that one day the sleight family had?


1. chapter 1

Mrs.Sleight was in the hospital bed with her little daughter in her arms, a smile was in her face while she was watching the little baby sleep peacefully.Her husband entered the room a little smile appeared in his face too when he saw his new daughter. Mr. Sleight sat in a chair that was near of his wife's bed and watched the baby too.

"How should we call her?" Mrs.Sleight asked her eyes still on her daughter

"I don't know" Mr. Sleight answered 

"What about Taylor Jennifer Sleight" suggested Mrs.Sleight

"Perfect" answered her husband

After they finished their short conversation Taylor woke up revealing two pair of blue eyes and at the same time her brown color hair changed to lilac.

"she's like you Jeniffer" Mr.Sleight said

"It's seems like"

Mrs.Sleight kissed Taylor's forehead and continued watching her daughter everything seemed to be perfect with Taylor.


With the years Taylor's parents began to see that she couldn't do magic so often. While her brother and sister were levitating things, flying with brooms and sometimes even making some duels Taylor was trying so hard to levitate her teddy bear. Taylor could barely change her appearance or fly in the broom that her parents gave her when she turned 2. She could only use magic when her emotions were too strong and that was worrying Mr and Mrs Sleight.




When Taylor turned 6 her parents took her to St.Mugos to see if something was wrong with her. They were now waiting for the healer to come with the results. After several minutes the healer entered to the room.

"Well Mr.Sleight Taylor is in perfect condition". Said the healer "she's a very unusual witch"

Mr. Sleight looked at Taylor who was playing happily in the floor with her teddy bear after some seconds he finally spoke.


"unusual? what do you mean?" He asked half alarmed

the healer smile " is nothing to worry Mr.Sleight is just that your daughter's blood state is quiet different from yours , you see Taylor is half-squib"

An awkward silence filled the room even Taylor knew that something was going on. Mr.Sleight was shocked how could it be possible?!  The fact that a squib was in his family makes him want to disappear this have to be a dream . The Sleight  family have been purebloods for generations squib on the family will ruin it all. Maybe the healer was joking and besides he never knew that it was possible that a magical child could be half-squib.


"Is that possible?" Asked Mr.Sleight hoping that the answer would be a "no"

"Yes it is but it is very rare it happens just in the pureblood families" said the healer. "But don't worry Taylor still can do magic just that it will be a little difficult for her and her spells won't be too strong"

Mr.Sleight was going to say something but his wife interrupted him.

 "Well time to go Taylor honey please pick up your teddy bear, thankyou for everything healer"

Taylor picked up her teddy bear and left the room with her parents.










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