The Story of My Life

Hi Guys (: I can never keep a diary on paper, so Imma try it on here and see how that works out. You could say that I have a pretty boring life, But I don't know. You get to decide now.


2. January 8th

So, I've been talking with this guy. That I really like. And so does my friend.

I met him about two years ago. I was really shy and I met him through a friend because we started having lunch together. It was toward the end of the year, so he moved away at the end of seventh grade. He moved back this year and I was so happy to see him. I gave him my number a few weeks ago. He texted me right after we went on Christmas break. Which sucks because I wish I coulda seen him sooner. When ever he texts me, he just makes me so happy. 

A week after we started texting, he called me in the middle of the night. I was awake, watching a movie. When I answered, he just started singing then he hung up. Then he texted me and told me he was just bored. He called me again and we had a conversation. He was watching Shrek with his little brother. Adorable! 

We texted until like four in the morning. and he asked me some questions. I replied honestly. So he found out something about me that not even my closest friends know. He made me feel better about it, in a way. He told me that he cares, but I'm not sure if I should believe him or not. That night, I found out that he's not the kind of guy that's just after sex, or the kind that just plays with girls.

The next night we only stayed up until about three. He told me, what I'm sure is his darkest secret. I told him that he could trust me, because he can. I thought it was cute that he was worried that I would hate him, but I don't. 

We kept talking and supposedly we were gonna go bowling on Friday, but we didn't because he was busy. When we were making plans, I don't know if he was kidding or not.

On Saturday, I called my friend and told her that we were gonna go on a date the day before, but I wasn't sure if he was being serious. She took it seriously and she said, "Why would you say yes, if you know I like him to?" She also told me that she was gonna get his number and beat me. I think she was being kinda childish because, what the fuck? She's supposed to be my friend, not the girl I'm competing for a guy with. I regret telling her.

I was confused because when she told me, she didn't seem to serious about him. I saw her at school on Monday and she looked mad. I was gonna tell her a very popular line that many people use when a guy was coming in between them, "Chicks before dicks."

I decided not to because it could only make things worse. I went to talk to some of our friends, some that had known her longer than I have. One friend told me not to worry about it, because that girl likes a lot of guys. So I kinda shrugged it off. 

I'm not one of those girls that can get any guy they want. I can barely talk to the guy I like. When I talk to my crush or when he gives me a hug, I get really nervous. And this chick was trying to make me jealous  In fourth period she texted me, "I'm chilling with 'Diz Kid'." 

Well, joke's on her because he recently moved into my neighborhood. So Ha! 

I saw him today. I suggested that we hang out. He said next week. I said, "Okay, text me." And then he gave me another hug. 

Sometimes guys get so complicated. Not the guys, themselves, but the situation that they out you in.  He does not leave my mind for long before returning. I have had a crush on him ever since seventh grade, but just recently when we started texting, I realized that I was falling for him. Hard


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