Niall's little sister

Hi my name is Jessica Horan and if you are wondering yes I am Niall horans sister and you are probably thinking Niall doesn't have a sister but yes he does I should know the reason you don't know about me is because Niall doesn't want you to cause he is afraid I will fall for one of the boys and that Is exactly what happend


1. The fight.

Hi my name is Jessica Horan and yes if you are wondering I am Niall Horan sister but shhhh! Don't tell Niall I told you he doesn't want people to know cause he is afraid I will fall for one of the boys and that is exactly what happend. This is the story on how I fell in love with my brothers best friend or should I say friends.

Mum this is not fair I shouldn't have to leave my own house because Niall wants to bring the band home to meet his family well guess what I am part of this family to and I am staying, fine but at least stay in your room, ok but you can tell Niall that this is not fair I yell as I stomp up to my room. 

Later that night I hear a knock on the door we that must be my asshole of a brother I think to myself and with that all I hear is that stupid Irish accent ( I am not dissing Irish accent trust me I have one lol ) hello mum I have missed you I will be back I have to use the toilet ok, yes dear said mum. Not even a Minuit later Niall walk into my room and says hey little sis mum told me you wanted to stay home instead of going to a friends this time. Ya and mum told me you wanted the boys to meet your family and last time I checked I am part of your family am I not?, yes you are but Jess you know how I feel about you and the buys. That doesn't mean you should hide me from the world. Fine if you want to meet the boys come down and let's meet the boys. 

Louis's P.O.V

we were all talking to nialls mum she was very nice. We were all waiting for Niall to come down and when he came down he had the most beautiful girl I have ever seen with him

Harry's P.O.V

When Niall came back down I fell in love not with Niall but with the girl with him she was beautiful I had to have her but I knew all the others would like her to I just knew it. I just had one question who is she? 

Jessica's P.O.V

when I walked downstairs all eyes were on me even my mum Niall voice snaped me out of my thoughts. Guys this is my sister Jessica.



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