Ghostly love

It all happened 9 years ago...
" I'm sorry Harry but I will see you again " I whispered before jumping off the stool feeling the rope tighten and my life fade away but I will see the boys again and I will see Harry.


2. We meet again



It had been nine years since I hanged myself and I'm starting to regret it because I have missed out on seeing my daughter grow up but yet again I haven't i became best  friends with this witch whos also dead and she gave me the power to watch over my husband my daughter and the boys and I should tell you that I'm a ghost but I can't leave the house I have been placed in it so this is where I live but I'm all by my self with nothing besides violet my witch best friend It was horrible to see them read the notes as soon as they read them they broke down Harry was even more stressed having to look after darcy by himself he still had help from the boys but he said its not the same a week later they moved out into a different house together because its not the same without me I got pulled out of my thoughts " hey sky" vi said down stairs "yes" I replied "come down here" I could not be bothered walking down stairs so I just floated down through the ground "I'm here" I said she grabbed my arm and pulled me to the window I looked out and saw the people who I never thought I would see in the flesh again the boys and trailing behind them was a teenaged girl with long brown locks of hair and bright blue eyes that I would know any where I gasped "Harry darcy the boys" I said a tear fell down my cheek vi turned towards me "aww bub" she said pulling me into a hug " if only they could see me I need to talk to my husband my daughter my other best friends but I can't I ruined that nine years ago" I sobbed into her shoulder they haven't changed one bit just a bit taller but they all look the same not one change I heard vi whisper something that sounded like one of her spells but I ignored it i pulled back and whipped the tears vi gave me a look of sympathy I heard the door unlock and they walked I disappeared back into mine and Harry's old room I walked over to the window seat and sat down looking at the sky I started to sing a song that me and Harry wrote together when the hate first started it was called warrior (I know it's Demi's song but for this its not) I was half way through it when I heard the door open to the room my head snapped in that direction to see darcy enter she looked at me in fright and ran down the stairs screaming " DAD" I shot up how could she see me no one can see me I heard multiple foot steps run up the stairs I completely forgot I could disappear in thin air I waited for myself to disappear but I never did it was to late I turned back to the sky and looked out the door barged open I looked at who it was and saw all of them stare at me but they didn't know it was me because my hair was covering my face I pushed it out of my eye sight and looked at them as soon as they saw me they had shocked looks except for darcy she looked more frightened then ever "s-s-sky" I heard Harry shutter coming towards me he lifted his hand up to see if it was really me i waited for his hand to go through my face but it never did I felt his hand touch my face I looked shock but his didn't  his look turned angry he took a steps back intill he touched the wall "it's not you your dead I remember putting you in the ground " I stepped towards him intill I was in front of him " it is " I said " no it's not" he said tears about to leave his eyes how do I prove it to him oh I know " now I'm a warrior now I've got thicker skin I'm a warrior I'm stronger than I've ever been now my armour is made of steel you can't get in I'm a warrior  and you can never hurt me again" I sang the chorus of our song he looked at me with tears pouring out of his eyes I put my hands on the side of his face looking at him I moved in and gave him a kiss he didn't hesitate to kiss back I pulled away and rested my forehead  against his " how " he whispered " I don't know and I don't care " I whispered back before turning back to the boys they all had tears pouring down their faces darcy stood there confused i made my way towards them " my boys" I said opening my arms they all ran at me and hugged at me they all cried "I missed you all so much" I said they all agreed and pulled back I walked towards darcy "my sweet daughter " I said lifting my hand to push a piece of hair out of her face but she moved I looked at her hurt she looked angry " you are not my mother you are probably some whore dad slept with even if you were my mother I wouldn't like you do you know how much pain my dad and uncles are in all because of your little oh there's hate lets kill myself drama you are a probably a hooker that begged my dad for sex but didn't get it so you killed your self" she said Harry and the boys looked angry Harry walked towards her  " HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO YOUR MOTHER" he yelled I grabbed his arm he relaxed under my touch " no it's alright my daughter doesn't want me around her so ill just leave " I said fading into thin air the boys and Harry jumped at me " no don't leave" but by the time they were there I had faded and floated into mine and Harry's room and sat down crying my own daughter hates me what am I going to do.

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