Ghostly love

It all happened 9 years ago...
" I'm sorry Harry but I will see you again " I whispered before jumping off the stool feeling the rope tighten and my life fade away but I will see the boys again and I will see Harry.


1. 9 years ago


-9 YEARS AGO the hate is getting to me maybe I should just give them what the want I walked over to my wooden desk neatly placed in the corner of mine and Harry's room I sat down and grabbed six pieces of paper  and on the top of the first one I wrote down.


dear Liam 

i never really planned this to happen I didn't want to kill myself at the start I wanted to live but the hate has gotten to me to much just promise me you will never leave the boys stay in their lives and look after my sweet darcy be one of the bestest uncles in the world I'm sorry but I have to move onto the next sorry love skyler xoxo

dear Niall 

l will miss your laugh you always knew how to make me laugh but I'm sorry the hate has gotten to me to much promise me one thing though look after darcy with the boys and never leave the group it's not the same with one of yous missing but my time has come I'm so sorry.Love skyler xoxo

dear Louis 

You always new how to make me happy with you jokes you could put a smile on my face in seconds but I'm sorry a joke won't help me through this the hate got to me just promise me that you will be a good uncle for my daughter and never leave the group no matter how much they annoy you but I have to skyler xoxo

dear zayn 

hey my Bradford bad boi I remember when you use to call yourself that you always had thebest advice for me just promise me you will me a wonderful uncle to my dear darcy look after Harry and the boys make sure you never leave the group .love skyler xoxo

dear darcy

hey baby girl I will always love you when you grow up dont let any body push you around and don't you ever think I never loved you because I always will love you be good for you uncles I know they are a handful but you get used to it be kind to your father because he'sfragile I hate seeing him broken and make sure you make the right choices in life I don't want to hear that you got knocked up when you are 16 but If I was theirnow and if you did get knocked up I would support you I have to go but I love you.

mummy loves you xoxo

dear Harry 

I'm so sorry please don't hate me for what I did I will always love you but I had to go I didn't want to but I had to I don't car how selfish this is but dont find another girl I love you to much I will always be watching you I remember the day we got married exactly four years ago and two months but I love you forever but I have to go love your wife skyler xoxo




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