Frozen In Time

It will tell you in the first chapter :)


2. Hidden




(Anna 6, Elsa 10)


I was sleeping peacefully in bed when I felt someone on top of me, I opened one eye and there was Anna. 'Come on get up.' she said. 'It's only 6:00 in the morning why are you up?' I asked still half asleep. 'If there's light in the sky then I want to play.' she said. I pretended that I was asleep while she talked about things to do to try and get me out of bed.

'Do you want to build a snowman?' she asked. I opened one eye again and smirked. She grabbed my hand while laughing and me trying to keep her quiet as we went down the huge staircase in the castle.

We got to the ballroom and shut the doors. I twisted my hands around and threw them up in the sky making it snow. Anna was laughing and clapping while jumping we built a snow man, then went down the snow slide and had a lot of fun.

She stood on a snow pile and jumped while I put my hand out creating a snow pile higher than the next as she jumped. 'Anna slow down.' I said. 'Look at me come on Elsa!' she said. 'Please slow down!' I said trying to keep up with her. She was laughing and giggling while her pigtails bounced with her. 

I slipped on the ice and fell down. I looked up and Anna jumped I threw my hand out sending ice going through my hand and at her it hit her eyes and she fell down in the snow. I pulled her out and on the floor she had a white streak of white in her hair and wasn't responding. 'Anna i'm so sorry I didn't mean to!' I cried. 

'MOMA! PAPA!' I yelled. The door swung open and mommy and daddy came in. 'Elsa you have to learn to keep this under control!' my dad said looking around. 'Please, I didn't mean it I was trying to keep her from falling.' I said holding Anna while they ran over to me. 'I think I know what to do.' my father said.

End of Flashback

After that we went to the healing trolls and they healed her cause it was only her head not her heart that could be healed. They said she wouldn't remember my powers only the fun we had that didn't involve snow. I always stayed in my room and never played with her again because I would end up hurting her. Six years later mom and dad went on a trip for two weeks and left us at the castle while they sailed on a ship. 

They died in a storm and drowned and now 3 years later and today is my coronation for becoming queen and I need to keep it under control cause those trolls told us that if it gets out of hand then I could become evil and it would kill me. I can't keep my gloves on forever especially when I have to pick up the ceptor and gold ball.

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