The tutor

Reegan was just that's average nerdy girl sitting in the front acing all her tests and being your typical teachers pet. One day she is called to the principles office she gets all nervous, she is only called down for scholarships, or something great but when he sounds angry she is truly terrified. She finds out that's she has to tutor her crush, she has been crushing on since kindergarten, he is cool, popular, and famous. She has to tutor Niall Horan.

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5. The new teacher and her daughter

Chapter 5- The new teacher and her daughter

It's been a while since I've met Katie and Vanessa, you could say we are best friends, the three musketeers.  We just got back from semester turnaround today and the school has a new teacher. Her name is Mrs. Johnson. She is suppose to be quite young, like 30. I have her for Drama. I walked into the Drama room, I was with Louis since we had the same class, Mrs. Johnson had short brown hair that hang to her chin, her glasses were perched on her bridge of her nose. She wore black khakis with a burgundy t-shirt. Me and Louis were talking when suddenly a new girl walked in, Louis lost interest in me like that and was watching the new girl move. I looked over. She had dark brown hair up to her back, her grey eyes were dull yet incredibly pretty, she wore a purple knee length dress with a golden belt, matching her golden hoops. She as really pretty. I looked closely and she kinda looked like Ella. I bit the we inside of my cheek. Mrs. Johnson cleared her throat.

" My name is Mrs. Johnson, you can call me Mrs. J, not mom in your case Nicole!" She looked do over at the new girl, so she is her daughter. Nicole rolled her eyes. "Let's start with the secret name game, what you do is say your name and say something about you, then you continue on, the next person has to remember all of the names and 'secrets' so please let's begin with Nicole" she pointed at her daughter "Now." She boomed.

"My names Nicole Johnson, and I'm Ella's cousin." She says simply. I inhaled sharply. Louis looked over, we continues on until it reached me. 

"My name is Reegan Ball, and I'm a straight A student." Then it was Louis.

"Her name is Reegan and she is a straight A student, my name is Louis Tomlinson and I'm in a famous band!" He replies happily. We finished our game.

"Groups of three please." I stayed with LouIs and scanned around for a third person, everyone was crowding Nicole, she shoved by and walked up to us.

"Can I be in your group? You guys aren't trying to suffocate me!” She sighs, I nod. Maybe a he won't be as horrible as Ella. "So do you guys know Ella?" She asks calmly, my breath hitched and she stared at me. "Let me guess, your her victim?" She says sadly. I nod and she pulls me into a hug. I smile into her hair. She lets of of me. "I won't let her harm you, she is a real bi-" Her mom walks towards us and she finishes quickly "Biscuit." She smiles. 

After what seemed like forever class ended and I walked out bumping into Niall. I drop my books, binder, and pencil. We both reach down our hands touched, and this sounds cheesy but I felt a spark. I gather my things in my arms and look at Niall. I smile and he grabs my arm dragging me outside.

"What?" I ask, he suddenly kisses me. I feel like I should push him away but he is like a magnet, finally we part. 

"Did you feel the spark too?" He asks, I nod.

"I believe you should ask me something?" I say sigh a tone of hinting in my voice. 

He gets down on one knee and I raise my eyebrow at him.

"Reegan Ball, would you do this honour if being my girlfriend?" He asked politely, I laugh at him and nod, we kiss again quickly. "I need to come over and study!" He shouts after me, I nod and keep walking to my locker. I see Louis walk over.

"What do I say when I want to date a girl, but you know get to know her?" He asks, I knew he was talking about Nicole. I smile at him and put my hand on his shoulder.

"Be yourself Lou, because your fucking amazing!" I says happily, he smiles and hugs me before trotting off towards the football field. I hear Nicole's high heels behind me and I turn around facing her.

"Where's the soccer field?” She asks.

"Football fields down that way." I say smiling she nods.

"I'm Canadian so I didn't really know what you guys say for soccer..." She blushes.

"It's okay, have fun!" I shout after her. 

Authors note

Hey guys, so just to let you know Nicole is actually me, and I'm actually Canadian, so yup! Go Canadians! I was planning on pretty much letting you all know about me in real life through The Tutor, oh and my hair isn't actually that long it's mid back, I just want my hair that long. So yeah... Bye my lovelies I hope you all enjoy my story so far!

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