The tutor

Reegan was just that's average nerdy girl sitting in the front acing all her tests and being your typical teachers pet. One day she is called to the principles office she gets all nervous, she is only called down for scholarships, or something great but when he sounds angry she is truly terrified. She finds out that's she has to tutor her crush, she has been crushing on since kindergarten, he is cool, popular, and famous. She has to tutor Niall Horan.

*Too my amazing cousin iloveniallstyles5522*


1. Report to the office

Chapter 1- Report to the office

I tapped my pencil on my desk impatiently as I stared at all the people trying to finish this 10 question sheet in socials, I dropped my pencil and leaned back crossing my legs. How is socials so hard? It's my best subject and I'm exceeding expectations, with 110% all those extra bonus questions in test that got me so far. I felt a piece of paper thrown at my head. I spin in my chair and give Ella a dirty look.

"Reegan! Give me your sheet so I can copy!" She replies sourly. I shake my head and turn around again, she starts chucking more pieces at my head, I'm about to flip out at her when the scratchy sound of the PA makes me pay attention.

"Reegan Ball, report to the office. NOW," Mr. Lock says. My eyes widen and my palms sweat, I've never been in trouble, and he sounded angry, I stand up and grab my sheet, as I pass my teacher Mrs. Greene and hand her my sheet and leave. I walk down to the office. I step in and look at Ms. West and she nods me in, as soon as I walk in I see a quiff with blonde and brown in it, I knew it was the famous Niall. I gulp and take a seat next to him, I've never been this close to him, our arms touch and I look at the principle.

"I'm not mad at you Reegan, I'm mad at Niall. He is failing all his classes, and your a girl who gets A's all he time, the smartest girl in college, well for your age group." I knew where this was going. "I need you to tutor Niall." He says, I bite my lip.

"Of course Mr. Lock." I say in my small voice, he smiles and dismisses us. 

"So I guess your my boss now." Niall says laughing. He has a amazing laugh.

"Yeah I guess, now go get me a sandwich!" I laugh. He raises a eyebrow. "I'm kidding." I wave him goodbye and I go back up to socials.

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