The tutor

Reegan was just that's average nerdy girl sitting in the front acing all her tests and being your typical teachers pet. One day she is called to the principles office she gets all nervous, she is only called down for scholarships, or something great but when he sounds angry she is truly terrified. She finds out that's she has to tutor her crush, she has been crushing on since kindergarten, he is cool, popular, and famous. She has to tutor Niall Horan.

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3. Harry, leave me alone!

Chapter 3- Harry, leave me alone!

As I walked into my first class of the day I smoothed my pink skirt down and sat down crossing my legs, I quickly pulled up my purple tank top since it was starting to reveal my cleavage, I reached into my bag and grabbed my knitted sweater my grandmother made for me before she died, I quickly pulled it on. Professor Snake walked in, he adjusted his glasses, suddenly the door burst open, it revealed a tired Harry, his hair was flopped in front of his face with his beanie slouching lazily on his head. I rolled my eyes and listened to Professor Snake scold him. He walked over and slumped into the chair beside me. I started drawing. 

"What are you drawing?" Harry asked. I looked up and glared at him.

"A picture what the hell does it look like?" I replied sourly. He rolled his eyes and I flipped my page and started writing down my notes. I felt Harry nudge me, god why is he so bloody annoying!? I flipped my head and my hair smacked him. "What!" I whispered. He looked at me smugly.

"Niall said you two kissed, apparently your a good kisser, wanna show me?" He replied sweetly. I rolled my eyes.

"Is that so, he said we kissed, what a liar, and yes I happen to be good at kissing, but you sure as hell don't get to see." I reply rudely. He smirked and rubbed my leg. "Harry, leave me alone! I have a boyfriend!" I whisper shouted, he pulled his hand away.

"You have a boyfriend?" He asked slowly. I nodded. "Who is he?" He hissed. 

"A guy now leave me be." I turn my head and continue writing my notes. I felt Harry's eyes on me. Finally the bell rang and I escaped Harry. I started walking down the halls when I felt a arm around me. I stopped and turned on my heels ready to smack whomever touched me then I realized it was Niall.

"Hi!" He said enthusiastically. 

"Hey, why did you put your arm around me?" I asked, it came out a bit rude. He shrugged, I pulled his arm off of me and continued walking, I knew he was following me. "Why are you stalking me?" I puffed.

"I'm not stalking you, I'm FOLLOWING you." He replied sassily. I laughed, then I heard the person I despise more then Harry, I heard Ella.

"Yo fat ugly bitch!" Ella shouted after me, I didn't turn knowing she would be satisfied with her self. "Reegan you bitch turn around." I stopped quick and spun on my heels and Ella almost ran into me.

"What!" I shout bitterly. She flipped her raven black hair and her cinnamon skin seemed toshout calling attention to her flawless skin,I had nice skin no acne but she seemed like a goddess. I stare at her waiting for her to speak.

"Why are you hanging out eight my leprachaun?" She asked bitchily. I laughed.

"Your leprechaun, are you serious? And I'm hanging out with Niall since I'm his tutor now go be a bitch to someone who gives a fuck!" I hiss and walk away from her. I get to my car and unlock it. I turn around and I'm pinned against it, I try to push away who ever pinned me but he's to strong I look up and see Niall smiling evilly. I slap him and slide away when he is holding his. Heel pretending to be injured. "You fucking scared me!" I shouted at him, he started laughing hysterically.

"You should of seen your face!" He said through his fit of laughter. I rolled my eyes. "Am I coming over today?" He asked, he seemed to be serious. I looked at him and arched a eyebrow.

"Do you want to?" I asked he smiled and ran to the other side getting in. I got in and started the engine and we drove to my house. When we finally made it home I opened my door and collapsed in my couch. Niall walked over and lifted my legs, he sat down then placed my legs on his lap. I grab my skirt and pull it down. 

"I got a B on my biology test today, my teacher said I must have a amazing tutor!" He smiled at me and I smiled back, suddenly he poked my dimples. "Your cute." He said sweetly, I blushed.

"Thanks. So I'm hungry, go make me food!" I demanded. He got up and went into the kitchen and grabbed my phone. I looked over and mouthed 'What are you doing?" He 'shhed' me and started talking.

"A BLT with some fries and a salad please, thanks see you soon." He hung up. "I ordered Nando's!" He said gleefully, I smiled and laid back down, I felt his warm breath Ono my face and I opened my eyes.

"What are you doing?" I asked, he smiled and leaned in planting a huge kiss on my lips, he put his fingers through my hair, I pushed him off. "I am not falling for your tricks, you'll date me, fuck me, then dump me! I know men!" I yelled at him, his smile faded.

'I would never disrespect you Reegan, ever!" He said defending himself, we sat in silence until our food came.

Authors Note

Hey so I'm thinking of adding a lucky reader to be Reegan's best friend. If you wanna be in The Tutor I need your:


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And your fav boy (Not Louis he is mine :P ) so if you wanna be Reegan's best friend just comment below! And if you don't win don't worry, I will have other contests. Bye don't forget to comment!

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