The tutor

Reegan was just that's average nerdy girl sitting in the front acing all her tests and being your typical teachers pet. One day she is called to the principles office she gets all nervous, she is only called down for scholarships, or something great but when he sounds angry she is truly terrified. She finds out that's she has to tutor her crush, she has been crushing on since kindergarten, he is cool, popular, and famous. She has to tutor Niall Horan.

*Too my amazing cousin iloveniallstyles5522*


2. First day

Chapter 2- First day

The bell that signalled school was over rang and I went straight out to my car, I lean against the hot hood and wait for Niall, I see him approaching with his friend Harry. Niall finally gets up to me. He smiles and I smile back and look at Harry, he was checking me out.

"Excuse me?" I say harshly, he looks up and blushes. 

"Your 20, why such a small chest?" He asked stupidly, I just wanted to slap him, I rolled my eyes.

"Get in Niall." I say confidently. Then I hear Harry shout something about me looking so young. "How an you stand him?" I say angrily, he laughs.

"I don't know sometimes." We drive until we reach my tiny house. "You live in a house?" He asks, I laugh.

"Of course I live in a house, where else? The road? The sewer? The park? The-" he cuts me off.

"I get it, but I meant you didn't live in a apartment."

"Oh, yeah I guess, now get yo ass out of my car so I can go teach you how to be smart!" I yell enthusiastically. He smiles and gets out, he follows me up to my burgandy door saying the numbers '237' on it I unlock the door and push it open. "Are you hungry?" I ask as I walk into the kitchen. His eyes light up.

"I'm ALWAYS hungry!" He yips happily, I open my cupboard and grab my bread and peanut butter.

'Peanut butter sandwiches okay?" I ask looking through my drawers for a butter knife.

"Yup." He replies simply. I make us two PB sandwiches and we eat them quickly. "Do we have to study? Can't we just watch movies and eat?" He whines. I look at him.

"Nope." I reply cockily flipping my dark red hair. "Follow me, and don't forget your books." I say. He grabs his books and follows me up to my room. I hear him laugh.

"It's so purple!" He shouts, I blush.

"Sorry if purples my favorite color!" I whine. He laughs and we sit on the bed. As we study I feel him moving closer to me. I look over with the corner of my eye and see he isn't even paying attention he's watching my lips. "Are you listening?" I ask alarming me. He nods. I look at him.

"No, I was um distracted..." He whispers embarrassed. I giggle.

"By my lips?" I purr, he flushes pink.

"N-Noooo!" He stutters. He is so cute, I loom at him and we stare in to each other's eyes for it seemed like forever, suddenly he leans forward and I feel his lips on mine, my first reaction was to push him away but then I fell under his lip spell, so I kiss him back. He pulls away. "So you do like me!" He yells happily. I blush.

"What makes you say that?" I ask confidently. His blue eyes twinkle.

"If you didn't like me you wouldn't of kissed me back." He flirted. I had no response so we just started working again, by 5pm I was saying goodbye to him, I closed the door behind me and falling down so my butt hit the floor, I but my lip and played with the hem of my shirt. I just kissed Niall less than 2 hours ago, it finally sunk in and my heart skipped a beat, suddenly I snapped back to reality, it didn't mean anything he just thinks it's a game, just like every guy I have ever dated.

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