The tutor

Reegan was just that's average nerdy girl sitting in the front acing all her tests and being your typical teachers pet. One day she is called to the principles office she gets all nervous, she is only called down for scholarships, or something great but when he sounds angry she is truly terrified. She finds out that's she has to tutor her crush, she has been crushing on since kindergarten, he is cool, popular, and famous. She has to tutor Niall Horan.

*Too my amazing cousin iloveniallstyles5522*


4. Ella's bully and my new friends

Chapter 4- Ella's bully and my new friends

walk into the school and see Ella retreating into the bathroom with tear stained eyes and her her for stupid friends. I see a girl with brown and black hair walking in, her leather jacket fitted her perfectly slim body. Her red jeans clung to her. I caught eyes with her chocolate brown eyes, she smiles and walks up to me extending her hand.

"Hey, names Vanessa, what's your name?" She asked nicely. I returned her smile.

"My name is Reegan." I say rubbing my arm. "Did you make Ella cry?" I ask, not thinking, she grins and nods.

"We've had a pass, let's just say I may of bullied her!" She grins evilly, I laugh. 

"Well she is a real bitch, so." I trailed off. I look over and see Harry staring at Vanessa. I lean is and whisper "Looks like you got a admirer." She glances over and catches eyes with Harry, he glances away with blush crawling up his cheeks. Then I glance over at Zayn, he is talking to a girl with brown hair, she looks over and I see her blue eyes. She wears a cute knee high floral dress without straps, incredibly pretty. She waves bye to Zayn and kisses his cheek walking over to us.

"Hey, I'm Katie, who are you?" She asks sweetly, I smile.

"I'm Reegan, are you dating Zayn?" I ask. She nods and blushes, I smile. I look over at Ella leaving the bathroom, she stomps up to Vanessa.

"Why the fuck are YOU  doing at MY school!" She hisses, Vanessa grins. 

"Haunting you bitch!" Ella gasps and storms off. Me and Katie laugh our asses off. "So let's exchange numbers?" Asked Vanessa cooly, I nod and walk off after we share our numbers.


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