Adopted by 1D?!?!?!

Valerie is like any other ordinary girl, beautiful and happy, well that's what everybody thought. She always acted happy but deep down inside she wasn't happy, all because of a little incident that happened to her boyfriend and her parents. Though in her life 5 famous pop stars adopt her. Crazy things happen in her life living with them, some are bad, some are good, some are scary, some are sad. But that's how life is. Right?
(So this was story by a really nice girl on here, but unfortunately she deleted it. I want the fame if this story to live on, so here it is.)


3. One Direction?!?!!?

I've been in this orphanage for 3 months and I gotta tell you, it's been the greatest 3 months and when Angie and I get adopted we'll live together and be sisters forever.

"Valerie?" One of the ladies at the front office said while Angie and I were heading to our room.

"Yes?" I asked giving Angie a concerned look.

"Get your things ready, you've been adopted."

I spoke too soon.


Angie and I ran to our room and we both started freaking out.

"I can't believe I'm being adopted! I don't want to leave you here alone!" I panicked, and both our eyes started tearing up.

"I don't want you to leave either Val, but look at the bright side, you're getting adopted." She said forcing a smile.

"No. I don't want to be adopted, I wanted for both of us to be adopted together and be sisters." I said while wiping the tears from my eyes.

"Don't cry Valerie, I said look at the bright side. Please don't cry Valerie." She gave me a warm hug and I couldn't help but cry more. We were more than friends we were practically like sisters.

"You're the bestest friend I've ever had." I told her.

"You are too Val. I'll miss you so much."

"I'll miss you too. You have my number right?" I asked pointing at her phone.

"OMG! We've been friends for 3 months and I haven't had your phone number!" She said bringing her phone to me.

"That's actually quite weird." I giggled.

I typed in my number and I told her she can pick any name for me and she typed in 'Val <3' of course something girly but she had a creative mind.

"Valerie. It's time to go!" The lady yelled from the office.

"Come with me to meet my new foster family." I told her and she nodded.

We went downstairs hand in hand. "Okay Valerie meet your new family....I guess." The lady said pointing at.....

"ONE DIRECTION?!" Angie and I both yelled in unison.

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