Adopted by 1D?!?!?!

Valerie is like any other ordinary girl, beautiful and happy, well that's what everybody thought. She always acted happy but deep down inside she wasn't happy, all because of a little incident that happened to her boyfriend and her parents. Though in her life 5 famous pop stars adopt her. Crazy things happen in her life living with them, some are bad, some are good, some are scary, some are sad. But that's how life is. Right?
(So this was story by a really nice girl on here, but unfortunately she deleted it. I want the fame if this story to live on, so here it is.)


2. My new Best Friend


The next day I woke up early due to the fact that Angie hit me with a pillow. She can be so immature sometimes. Even though I met her yesterday it feels like I've known her forever. We both have so much in common. We practically told eachother everything well she told me everything. I haven't told her the reason I was here, she did tell me hers, her parents hated her and got rid of her just like that. Harsh right?

"That didn't hurt at all." I said sarcastically and chuckling.

"Hahaha well it's your fault you didn't wake up early, next time you wake up early which probably won't happen you'll get to hit me too." She smiled and her smile made me feel so much better, she was truly very pretty and I was jealous. She had black hair and her skin is very light brown and her eyes are hazel but more of a brownish color. Her eyes and her personality are the best features of her.

"Lets go get breakfast." She said grasping onto my arm and pulling me out the door, she wasn't a shy person and I wasn't either but like I said before getting comments from a lot of people makes me so nervous. We were both in pajamas. Her pajama was a light pink with little sheep on it, and mine was baby blue with dogs and cats on it.

She's been here for 7 months so she's used to going out like this but this is my second day here and I'm not quite used to it, well I'm not used to it at all.

We ate breakfast and went back to our rooms and talked for 30 minutes, see Angie's the type of girl that can keep a conversation going no matter where it leads to just like me but we ended up talking about how I got here and I guess I didn't have an option.

"Don't be afraid to tell me Val." Only my close friends get to call me that, she was my only best friend, I didn't have any before because of Hayley.

"Well yesterday my mom told me we were moving to London which I wasn't happy about because my boyfriend passed away where I used to live and I was planning on visiting him but I didn't have time due to the fact of moving and all this plane and taxi stuff finally brought us home when a huge truck ran over both my parents and they didn't make it." I said taking a deep breath at the end.

"Oh my gosh Val, I'm so sorry I shouldn't have asked." I truly do love her she's sweet and caring.

"No it's okay, I think it was best for you to know." I smiled and she smiled back which made me smile more.

"So to take your mind off that what do you want to do?" She asked leaning her head on her pillow.

"Um lets talk about celebrities?" I asked and well I saw a poster of Taylor Lautner so that was the first thing that came to my mind.

"Okay! Lets talk about Ta-" Before she said his name I interrupted her.

"Not about Taylor Lautner though, you talked about him enough yesterday." She laughed and nodded.

"Well there's some 5 year olds that talk about this boy band named One Direction, should we search them up?" That actually sounded like a mission and I obviously said.

"Yes." We both smiled at eachother and went straight towards my laptop, went to google and typed in their band name.

"Holy Mother Of God. They're hot." Angie said being the girl that thinks every celebrity guy is hot.

"Well you can say it like that." I mumbled while she kept scrolling through their images. She clicked this image with their names on it.

"Okay so these are their names! Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson!"

"Those names are hot." I rolled my eyes being sarcastic. Harry did look cute though.

"Oh c'mon! Don't act like you think they're ugly! You can't keep your eyes off Harry!" She was right. They were fit, and Harry was cute but I sure wouldn't become a fan.

"Yeah well lets shut it down before you fall in love with them and become obsessed like you are with Taylor." She furrowed her eyebrows and then nodded

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