Adopted by 1D?!?!?!

Valerie is like any other ordinary girl, beautiful and happy, well that's what everybody thought. She always acted happy but deep down inside she wasn't happy, all because of a little incident that happened to her boyfriend and her parents. Though in her life 5 famous pop stars adopt her. Crazy things happen in her life living with them, some are bad, some are good, some are scary, some are sad. But that's how life is. Right?
(So this was story by a really nice girl on here, but unfortunately she deleted it. I want the fame if this story to live on, so here it is.)


1. Bad luck

"Don't you dare jump off that bridge Daniel!" I shouted as Daniel stood on the edge of the bridge leaning towards the water.

"I'm so sorry Valerie, I truly am." and with those last words that came from his mouth he let himself fall into the water.

"NOOO! DANIEL!!!!" I yelled as I leaned towards the edge of the bridge looking for Daniel.

I couldn't find him. The water was going fast and I knew he couldn't survive that. He was gone.


My alarm went off and woke me up from that terrible memory. Yes. It was all true. It's been a month since he jumped off that bridge. I loved him so much, especially since he was my first boyfriend. He was all I ever wanted, I still remember our first date, first kiss. Everything that happened between us. But now all those memories are ruined all because of Hayley, I hated her so much, she bullied Daniel and I. It certainly didn't bother me because I don't take criticism unless it comes from a million people. But Daniel did take criticism very well, it bothered him so much and I felt so bad because I couldn't do anything but it just wouldn't stop.

He couldn't take it any more he thought that leaving this world was best for him, but he didn't think how that would've affected me or his family. He was too caught up with Hayley's horrid comments about him, and I hated her for that.

A knock on my door interrupted my thoughts.

"Come in." I mumbled loud enough for who ever it was to hear. But I totally knew it was my mom.

"Hey Valerie, I have some news."

"What is it?" I asked not really interested.

"Well, we're moving to London."

"WHAT!?" I shouted making my mum flinch from my loud voice.

"Your dad got a new job over at London and we have to move over there."

Was she freaking serious?! Does she even know what today is?! It's the day my boyfriend passed away!

"Fine. When are we leaving?"

I wasn't that worried of moving because I can go visit my boyfriend today. Even though he passed away I still called him my boyfriend, I broke up with him right after they burried him.

"In an hour so start packing."


"I know you're sad, don't think I forgot what today is, Valerie. I just think that visiting your ex-boyfriend each month isn't going to help. You need to move on."

"Well that isn't going to be easy." I stated, and my mom knew I was right.

"I'm sorry Valerie." I didn't want to talk to my mother right now.

"I need to pack."

Was all I said, I do really hate ignoring my mom but right now I'm really not in the mood.

-1 Hour Later-

The airport right now is really crowded. I haven't said a word to my mom especially my dad because his stupid job is what caused us to move and leave my boyfriend behind.

Once we went into the plane, I grabbed my iPod and plugged my headphones and listened to sad music, that's what I always do when I'm sad. I felt my eyelids get heavier and heavier, and went into deep sleep.

"Valerie? Valerie? We're here."

I opened my eyes and saw everyone getting out the plane. I nodded and started grabbing my suit cases and following my parents wherever they were going.

"Are you feeling alright?" My dad asked looking concerned.

I nodded and kept following them towards our Taxi.

The whole way to our new house was silent.

We arrived at our new house and my mum and dad got out, they went to the back of the taxi and started gathering their suitcases.

I let them take care of that, I walked towards the house and it was huge, it had 4 windows on each side and it was a baby blue color.

I kept looking at the house when I heard a loud scream from the taxi. I turned around and saw a big truck coming towards the taxi and next thing you know that truck was squishing the taxi, the taxi driver, and MY PARENTS.

"MOM!? DAD!?" I looked around hoping they weren't under that truck. I ran towards the truck and saw my mom and dad's hand and a lot of blood.

"No no no no no no no!" I started seeing blurry for the fact that my eyes were tearing up.

I was about to call the ambulance when I heard the ambulance already coming.


I hate hospitals, this hospital is the same hospital they took Daniel to. It brings back bad memories but right now I'm here for my parents.

"Valerie McKlein?" The nurse said.

I walked up to her and she told me the room number and I followed her directions.

Once I went in the room my parents weren't there.

"Where are my parents?"

"Oh. Valerie I know this will be heart breaking but they didn't make it."

"What?" I did hear him clearly but I couldn't believe it.

"I'm so sorry Valerie, I truly am." Those words are the exact same words Daniel said.

"Oh it's o-okay....where am I supposed to go now?" I asked tears streaming down my face.

"Well you'll be in an orphanage."

My mouth fell wide open.

" parents....and.....f-fine." I really don't want to argue, or talk right now.


The orphanage is huge I must say. Obviously! A lot of children are here! I can be a blonde sometimes.

I entered the orphanage and thankfully the policemen brought my suitcases for me.

I entered and saw a lot of little kids of age 4-7 , but not my age.

"Hi. I'm Angie. What's your name?" I turned around and I found a girl my age. Thank you god.

"Nice to meet you Angie, my name is Valerie."

"That's a pretty name. I can see you're new here so you can be my room partner." She smiled

"Thanks." Lets just say this one day here wasn't as bad as I thought.

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