Two Worlds Apart

~~Liam Payne Fan Fiction~~
Tony is new to Europe and she flew there alone so, she knows no one and doesn't have a place to stay so she is staying in a hotel. She found a Starbucks and Harry sees her and doesn't think another thing of it until he sees her again. He talks to her and Tony is very closed. very mysterious she doesn't really open up because shes not like out there as much, she meets Liam and he is still with Danielle. But, what happens when Liam discovers that he has feelings for Tony??? Will he go for it and go for Tony or stay with Danielle and forget his feelings??


10. Maybe I'm not done fighting

Liam's P.O.V

When Sophia and I got back to the apartment, I couldn't stop thinking about Tony and Wren. Yes I wish them two the best but, I really wish I could've been the one asking her.... what am I thinking? Liam, snap out of it. "Liam, babe, are you ok?" Sophia asked me, I just nodded. "It's midnight, I think I'm gonna go home." Sophia said grabbing her stuff. "Ok, see ya later." I said and walked her to the door. After she left, I got changed into sweatpants. I am very happy with Sophia, I will not try and fight for Tony anymore. I kept looking down at my phone for some odd reason. That's it, I can't take it. I know its only been a couple of hours but, this feeling is not going away. I stormed out of my room and Louis was about to go into his room. He stopped me and said  "Liam, where are you going?" I ignored him and kept walking. I got to Tony's door and knocked. What am I going to say? Forget it, I will just wing it. Tony opened the door and rubbed her eyes "hello." She said. I didn't say anything, I just walked right into her room and she shut the door. "Ok, I was asleep and you came into my room..." She stopped and looked at me. "Liam, what the heck are you doing in my room, shirtless, at midnight?" I couldn't figure out what to say. I walked right up to her and I just smashed my lips onto hers. I kept thinking, Liam, what the heck, you have a girlfriend and she has a boyfriend. She didn't pull back, she kissed back. Surprising! I didn't expect that. Anyway, I couldn't find the urge to back away. I started walking with her lips still on mine and somehow, I found the way to stop. Oh wait, I know, we heard a knock at the door...

Tony's P.O.V

I wasn't sure what I was doing until there was a knock at the door. "Tony, its me, Wren, you left something at the park." Crap, I pushed Liam into the closet and shut the door. I told him to be quiet until Wren left. I ran to the door and opened it. "Hello," I said with a smile. "Hey, you forgot this," he lifted up a rose. I gladly took it. "Were you asleep, you don't look tired?" he asked and I smiled. "Nope, I have just been watching tv." I said. "I heard someone in here when I walked up to the door." Oh crap, he heard Liam. Think Tony think. "Oh, you must have heard my t.v, I had it on lowed and when you came, I turned it off." I said hoping he will believe it. "Oh ok, well, I have to go. Bye." Wren gave me a kiss and walked out. Ok good, he believed it. Alright, now I have to deal with Liam. I walked back to my closet and opened it and pulled Liam out. "Alright Liam, what the heck was that for? You have a girlfriend, and I have a boyfriend." I said a little angry. "Um, I-I, I don't know." Liam looked at the ground and sat on my bed. I sat beside him. "Forget it." Liam looked back up at me and smashed his lips back onto mine. I pulled away quickly. "LIAM!" I whispered/yelled. Liam had a tear roll down his face. "I am happy for you and Wren. I am very happy with Sophia to." Liam said and I was confused. "It's just I-I-I I don't know. Something just came over me tonight when I got home and...." He started but didn't finish, he booked out of the room.

Liam's P.O.V

That's it, maybe I am not done fighting...




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